Best Customer Service


PCCW Global
RM Education

For ISPs providing outstanding customer care.

How to enter:

  • Registration closed on 27th March 2020. 

Entry criteria:

Entrants must be providers of internet services that provide customer service to businesses or consumers. The submission deadline is 27th March 2020.

Judging process:

Entrants must submit a written form (500 words maximum) detailing how they provide outstanding service and care to their customers. Entrants must submit a case study against the judging criteria with real world examples. Particular emphasis should be given to customer satisfaction data, and to explaining the metrics that underpin this data, eg NPS, Trustpilot, etc. This will be reviewed by the judges who will determine the finalist shortlist and ultimate winner.

Judging criteria:

• Data available on customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction rates
• Metrics that underpin the data
• Promoting a culture of customer satisfaction
• Retention and satisfaction rates
• Innovation and use of technology and platforms
• Training of customer service agents
• Handling of complaints and dispute resolution
• Customer engagement and use of feedback
• Speed of answering customer queries and resolving issues

Survey questions:

In 30 WORDS why should you win this award?

If appropriate, please provide your customer satisfaction metrics from a trusted review provider.

Summary or case study of no more than 500 words taking account of the above criteria.