Best Hosted Service

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Entrants must offer hosting services to consumers or businesses.

Questions for entrants:

  • In what way does your hosting packages and services provide value for money?
  • In what ways do you ensure the privacy and security of your customers' data?
  • What innovations have you put in place in the last 12 months?
  • How have you responded to customer demand and expectations in the past 12 months – eg growth in remote working?
  • How do your services offer choice and flexibility to customers?
  • What range of cloud technologies do you offer customers? What range of technology partners do you utilise?

Fill in this written entry form and send it to by 3rd July 2022.


Notes on technical testing:

Entrants will be required to host a binary file on a shared server from 1st April 2021 to 31st May 2021.  The tester will periodically download the hosted binary test file to measure performance of the service. The same broadband services will be employed to test all the hosted services, with broadband from different providers employed to mitigate the impacts of differing peering arrangements. Specific measurements taken are as follows:

    • Download speed
    • Availability

To allow us to test your services, thinkbroadband will be monitoring the availability and speed of your service.

To do this we require you to host some specific files for thinkbroadband which they will use to evaluate the service.

You should’ve done this when registering but if you have not already done so, please can you provide the testing URLs below to ensure you are included within the testing?

Please download both of these files linked below and arrange for them to be hosted on one of your servers and provide thinkbroadband with the URL to each of them (you can send it to us and we will forward it to thinkbroadband):

Test File A - (please ensure the file is called "ispatest.txt")

Test File B - (please ensure the file is called "")

Failure to make these files available for testing by the start of testing at the end of this week will void your entry.