Best Ultrafast ISP


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For providers offering ultrafast broadband services (defined as 100Mbps or above). The category is open to those whose customer base include a majority of ultrafast speeds and products to show real world testing average over 100 Mbps.



Cerberus Networks

Community Fibre

Swish Fibre




Judging process
The judging process is formed of two stages: a period of technical testing between 1st April 2021 and 31st May 2021 and a written entry form used by the judging panel to determine the shortlist and the winner.

The entrants undergo technical testing from 1st April 2021 and 31st May 2021. The technical testing (facilitated by thinkbroadband) involves entrants’ customers performing a number of tests using the thinkbroadband testing tool (accessible on any browser and many devices). It can play into your advantage to get your data tested but the winner will be decided on the written submission responses, however the testing data will not be the sole determinant of the shortlist – unlike the other technical categories.

The submissions deadline is 4th June 2021. Please find the submission form here.

Questions for entrants: 

  • What technology innovations ad investment have you put in place in the past 12 months? 
  • What technology do you use to deliver ultrafast speeds (eg: FTTP, FTTB, etc)
  • How has your network coverage grown in the past 12 months? 
  • How has your customer base evolved in the past 12 months (eg: growth rates, churn)? 
  • How do you ensure your ultrafast service represents good value? 
  • How do you ensure the safety and security of your customers’ online experience? 
  • What value-added services do you offer to your customers?