Best VoIP

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For providers offering VoIP services


Dial 9 Communications

Enreach UK





Entry criteria:

Entrants must be providers selling Voice Over Internet Protocol services. The submission deadline is 4th June 2021.

Judging process

Entrants must submit a written entry form detailing how they meet the criteria set out below. The judges will assess each written entry form to determine shortlist and then meet to determine the winning entry. This category is not technically tested.

Judging Criteria: 

- Voice quality
- Variety and scope of packages
- Time from order to delivery
- Support and customer care
- Number options
- Contract options and flexibility
- Free access to other VoIP networks
- Value added services (for example handsets)
- Innovation in the past 12 months

Survey Questions:

For each question, please answer in 50 WORDS to help determine why you should win this award?

  • How have you improved the overall quality of your VoIP services in the past 12 months?
  • What innovations did you put in place in the past 12 months?
  • What do you to do to ensure high voice quality and resilience?
  • What contract options and flexibility do you provide to your customers?
  • How do you ensure the privacy and security of your customers’ data?
  • How do you ensure a high standard of customer satisfaction?
  • What further characteristics distinguish your service from that of your competitors?