For the ISP that makes their customers more protected, whether through online safety, data protection, cyber security or education. Supporting data, testimonials and specific examples are encouraged.


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  • Coconnect
  • Connexin 
  • Exa Networks
  • Talk Straight 
  • WebMate

Entrants must provide a 800 word case study addressing the following:

  • Overall impact of its protection to customers – please feel free to use evidence to demonstrate its impact 
  • Use of technology and services
  • Types of threats your customers face and the effect your strategies have in mitigating them
  • Compliance with regulations and best practice – for example Online Safety Bill, GDPR, Telecoms Security Act or Active Cyber Defence
  • Products offered to customers and or partners (free and premium)
  • Commitment to skills, training and education
  • Testimonials or specific case studies that demonstrate your provisions in place