Best Infrastructure with more than 250,000 premises

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  • CityFibre
  • F&W Networks
  • G.Network
  • ITS Technology Group 

Entrants must answer the first set of questions and provide a 750-word case study.


  • Current size of footprint (number of premises passed and/or live connections) as of 30th June 2023.
  • Growth in coverage in the past year
  • Predicted size of footprint and plans


Case study

  • How you stand out in a competitive market
  • Delivery challenges you have had to overcome, eg. topography, supply chain
  • What technologies do you use?
  • Funding raised?
  • Pricing (eg: flexibility, transparency)
  • Number of ISP partners on the network (if applicable)
  • If wholesale, what support do you provide for partners, or if vertically integrated what support do you provide or customers, eg. products, portal, contracts, etc