Social Impact Award

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For the company that has used the Internet to deliver a positive social impact.


Community Fibre - Free fibre broadband connectivity to isolated households in London

Exa Networks - Exa Foundation to help teachers and students of all ages

Full Fibre - Developing a full fibre network for areas forgotten by previous developments

Hyperoptic - The Hyperoptic Digital Connectivity Social Value Calculator

KCOM - Supporting their local communities with a range of initiatives during pandemic

Talk Straight - Innovative networking solution on Otley’s Garnett Wharfe estate

At a time of growing mistrust of technology and the wider societal pressures for businesses to look beyond profit, this category is looking for clear examples from the ISPA community of delivering positive change locally or nationally. Entrants must submit a written entry form (500 words maximum) detailing the positive and transformational change delivered, demonstrating the effort and resource invested and tangible benefits it brought about.

Where possible, please include supporting data around investment and a supporting quote or customer reference.

The entry deadline was 4th June 2021.

Judging criteria:

What was problem or area you wanted to help address and how did you identify it?
What was the social impact?
What technological innovation is required?
What resources did you commit (either cash or in-kind)
Metrics to demonstrate the overall impact
Quotes from those who benefitted
What did you and your team learn from the process?

Survey questions

In 30 words why do you deserve to win?
Case study (500 words) detailing the benefits of your work and following the above criteria