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Good to hear @Ofcom set out its approach to regulating to prevent #OnlineHarms - namely that it will be an evolutionary, evidence-based approach. We’d suggest a good starting point is knowing, independently, confidently and proportionality which users are adults and which are not


Winners of The 2011 ISPAs

The 13th Annual UK Internet Industry Awards
The winners of The 2011 ISPAs - the 13th Annual UK Internet Industry Awards in association with Thinkbroadband - were announced at a gala dinner at the Lancaster London Hotel on the 7th July 2011.

Congratulations to all the finalists and of course the winners.

ISP Division

Best Shared Hosting
The finalists were as follows:
Heart Internet

Winner: Netcetera

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges agreed that Netcetera were worthy winners and liked the flexible payment methods available to its customers and good use of technological innovation."

Best Dedicated Hosting
The finalists were as follows:
Eclipse Internet
Namesco Ltd

Winner: Eclipse Internet

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges decided that Eclipse that Eclipse deserved the top spot for offering a clear pricing structure, being strong on peering and for guaranteed up time."

Best Internet Telephony sponsored by Magrathea
The finalists were as follows:
Birchills Telecom
Entanet International Ltd
GradwellPoundbury Systems Ltd
Noble Solutions
Poundbury Systems Ltd

Winner: Entanet

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges agreed that Entanet were worthy winners as they offered clear price listing with a flexible range of product options."

Best Mobile Broadband sponsored by Newnet
The finalists were as follows:
Exa Networks
Three UK

Winner: Three UK

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges were impressed with Three's innovative personalised wifi, myfi, which provides a tariff with a generous usage allowance and were also impressed by their dedication to mobile internet.”

Best Business Customer Service sponsored by Geo
The finalists were as follows:
Entanet International Ltd
Exa Networks

Winner: Exa Networks

An ISPA spokesperson said, “In a competitive field, the judges were impressed with Exa's submission, in particular their open spam system, commitment to pick up the phone within 3 rings and strong retention rates."

Best Consumer Customer Service
The finalists were as follows:
Be Broadband

Winner: KC

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges were impressed with the local angle that KC offered, in particular local staff populating the store and local calls made by customers to KC are free of charge."

Access Innovation Award
The finalists were as follows:
Rutland Telecom
South West Internet CIC
Virgin Media

Winner: Rutland Telecom

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges awarded the prize to Rutland for creating a model that inspires other communities and has resulted in broadband speeds jumping from 0.5 megabytes per second to 32."

Internet Safety and Security sponsored by Virtual Internet
The finalists were as follows:
Exa Networks
GFI Software with Viper Security
M86 Security
RM Education Security
South West Grid for Learning Trust (SWGfL)

Winner: South West Grid for Learning

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges felt that South West Grid for Learning offers an excellent tool that helps empower schools to develop and test their own safety policies. This results in schools and young people developing a framework for making their own choices on safety."

Digital Inclusion Award in association with Race Online 2012 and sponsored by PlusNet
The finalists were as follows:
Age UK
Bristol City Council
Go ON Adopt a Care Home
South West Internet CIC

Winner: Go ON Adopt a Care Home

The Race Online 2012 judges felt that Go ON Adopt a Care Home were the worthy winners as it is a great example of community collaboration to help get the most difficult to reach people online for the first time with a sustainable model. The judges further felt that it helps to develop intergenerational relationships, reduce isolation for older people and improver their quality of life through the internet."

Best Over-the-Top TV
The finalists were as follows:
IP Vision (UK) Ltd / Fetch TV
Virgin Media

Winner: IP Vision Ltd / Fetch TV

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The judges felt that IP Vision were the best entry for combining multiple video on demand services with traditional linear and interactive TV and for the variety of content offered."

Managed Service
The finalists were as follows:
Eclipse Internet
Urban Wimax

Winner: Memset

An ISPA spokesperson said, “In this categories inaugural year the judges decided that Memset were worthy winners for their excellence in reliability and for being continually on top of their game."

Best Business Fixed Broadband sponsored by BE Wholesale
The finalists were as follows:
Fluidata Ltd
KC Business
NewNet Business
Urban Wimax Ltd

Winner: Fluidata

An ISPA spokesperson said, “In a very competitive category the judges were particularly impressed with the flexible contracts Fluidata offered, short notice periods and they also liked Fluidata's bonding to give good speeds."

Best Consumer Fixed Broadband
The finalists were as follows:
Be Broadband
KC Home
O2 Home
Virgin Media

Winner: Be Broadband

An ISPA spokesperson said, “Winning for a second year running, the judges commented that BE Broadband deserved to win because of their policy on traffic management, clear pricing structure, transparency and flexibility of pricing."

Special Division

Internet Hero sponsored by UKFast
The finalists were as follows:
Rory Stewart MP
Judge Colin Birss QC
Internet Industry Association of Australia
Prof. Ian Hargreaves

Winner: Prof. Ian Hargreaves
An ISPA spokesperson said, "ISPA Council decided to crown Prof Hargreaves for authoring a review that makes recommendations on how IP can be made fitter for the digital age."

Internet Villain
The finalists were as follows:
ACS Law/Andrew Crossley
Simon Power, New Zealand Commerce Minister
Commissioner Barnier
Tayfun Acarer, Chairman of the Turkish Information and Communications Technologies Authority

Winner: ACS Law/Andrew Crossley

An ISPA spokesperson said, “The ISPA Council decided that Andrew Crossley was a deserved winner of the villain award for demanding payments from members of the public on behalf of certain rights holders with poor evidence which brought the “legal profession into disrepute”, and for failing to secure the data of those accused."

- ends -

Notes to Editors

The categories for The 2011 ISPAs are as follows:-

ISP Division

  • Best Consumer Fixed Broadband ISP
  •  Best Business Fixed Broadband ISP sponsored by BE Wholesale

  • Best Consumer Customer Service

  •  Best Business Customer Service sponsored by Geo

  •  Best Shared Hosting

  •  Best Deciated Hosting

  •  Best Mobile Broadband sponsored Newnet

  •  Best Internet Telephony sponsored by Magrathea

  • Best Managed Service

  • Best Internet Safety and Security sponsored by Virtual Internet

  • Best Over-the-Top TV

  • Digital Inclusion sponsored by Plusnet

  • Access Innovation

Special Awards

Internet Villain
Internet Hero sponsored by UKFast

The views expressed in this release are those of the Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) and do not necessarily reflect the corporate policies of the individual companies that are members of the Association.

For further information, please contact the ISPA Press Office Tel: 020 7340 8741


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