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Policy responses

ISPA regularly responds to Government consultations and Parliamentary inquiries on behalf of its members. Some of ISPA's recent policy responses, papers and positions can be found below.

ISPA has submitted written evidence to the following consultations and parliamentary inquiries

  • Response to to the super complaint on loyalty penalties raised by Citizens’ Advice to CMA ISPA response
  • Response to Ofcom consultation on end of contract and out of contract notifications ISPA response
  • Response to Ofcom implementing the broadband Universal Service Obligation consultation ISPA response
  • Response to the BEIS Modernising consumer markets: Consumer Green Paper ISPA response
  • Response to House of Lords Communications Committee ‘The Internet: To Regulate or Not to Regulate’ Inquiry ISPA response
  • Response to Ofcom’s Annual Plan for 2018-19 ISPA response
  • Response to Home Office Consultation on Investigatory Powers Act amendments ISPA response

Responses in previous years

In 2011, ISPA responded to the Hargreaves Review into intellectual property, the Communications Review Open Letter, defamation and a parliamentary inquiry into child safety.

During 2010, ISPA voiced its views through responses to consultations on net neutrality and traffic management, the Digital Economy Act costs order and initial obligations code, ecommerce directive and parliamentary inquiry into broadband.

Other issues we have engaged with government, parliament and regulators in the past include data retention, the Byron Review, broadband speeds, harmful content online and online copyright infringement. These responses are available on request.

ISPA has been called as a witness to the following inquiries


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