2024 Roadmap Unveils Strategic Priorities for Next Government to Ensure the UK’s Digital Future

The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA) is proud to announce the release of its 2024 policy roadmap, "Delivering Digital Britain," on 25th June 2024. This critical document outlines strategic priorities and actionable policies for the next UK Government to continue the work of transforming the nation's digital infrastructure, ensuring that all citizens have access to fast, reliable, and future-proofed internet connectivity.

With just over a week to go to a new government, ISPA’s roadmap provides the next administration with policy ideas to hit the ground running in the first one hundred days, and more medium–to-long term priorities to deliver a competitive and inclusive digital economy.

The roadmap outlines a number of quick wins that the next Government can unlock within the 100 hundred days of taking office and which would deliver meaningful change:

  1. Recognise that the UK can only tap into the full potential of digital connectivity if it becomes a cross-government priority
  2. Provide an immediate speed boost to rollout by fully embracing flexi permits and cancelling plans for street works charging.
  3. Create a supportive planning framework that enables providers to focus on delivery and connecting the final third of the country.

Longer term, the next Government will further need to provide a competitive and growth-enabling environment that allows the sector to continue to flourish. This includes a holistic approach to regulation and ensuring the public/private partnerships are leveraged to increase coverage across the company. All of this, combined with a campaign on take-up and skills as well as action on resilience and online safety, will provide a stable foundation for the sector to thrive and innovate in areas such as AI and infrastructure development.

Steve Leighton, Chair of ISPA says: “We are excited to unveil 'Delivering Digital Britain,'  our 2024 roadmap which outlines crucial steps for the next government to ensure that our members can continue to deliver the infrastructure and services that will help to unlock digital opportunities and drive economic growth across the country.” 

The full roadmap can be found here.