ISPA Partner - Adtran

For over 35 years Adtran has been the pioneer in delivery network communication services. With offices located around the world serving thousands of customers, Adtran brings to the market the most comprehensive end-to-end AI fiber network solutions which currently deliver quality broadband services to millions of homes.​

ADTRAN’s open disaggregated cloud-based solutions enable operators to deliver to their communities, no matter how varied their location, an AI-driven sustainable, scalable service to all their customers covered by a comprehensive global support services, which means they can invest as they grow knowing there is no minimum starting point nor maximum ending point.

Contact: Andrew Pons, Marketing EMEA Region

ISPA Partner - Adtran

Altnets are the UKs leading telecoms procurement specialists. We exist to support internet service providers with their supply chain requirements. Altnets offers the ‘full package’ – consultancy, design, specification, product procurement, supply chain management, planning, forecasting, and scheduling.

We have over 75 years’ experience in our industry, so we understand the challenges that come with procuring products at the right price and at the right time. We specialise in the passive build materials required for network infrastructure, from fibre cables and ducts to enclosures and access chambers.

Our mission is simple: to improve efficiencies for our customers by maximising return on investment and supplying them with the best quality products. Our team provides incomparable customer service to our clients. Their top-notch knowledge of the telecoms industry and strong relationships with our manufacturing partners means they can fully support customers through the whole procurement process.

ISPA Partner - Adtran

Calix cloud and software platforms enable service providers of all types and sizes to innovate and transform. Every part of the solution is built to simplify operations, excite subscribers, and help our ISP customers grow. Typically, we align with ISPs who value customer experience

Customers adopting Calix see increased ARPU by up to 62% whilst reducing truck rolls, better in-home experiences with reduced support calls, higher NPS with lower churn rates. The entire solution together enables some great workflows such as proactively engaging customers with poor Wi-Fi experience with a mesh solution upsell.

For more information please contact: Stephen Ramsey, Regional Sales Manager

ISPA Partner - Adtran

We understand the challenges and opportunities that the mission to deliver broadband for all will create for network operators. Ciena leverages a rich hardware, software, and services ecosystem that is open, modular, scalable, and sustainable to enable service providers to implement a best-of-breed network to multiply revenues and boost efficiency while delivering the quality of experience their customers expect.

- Provide broadband, enterprise, and mobile services simultaneously in a single converged network, helping you to monetise your network better and create a more sustainable business.

- Protect your broadband investment by leveraging optimal XGS-PON port density and power consumption and a seamless evolution to 25GS-PON.

- Deliver high-value broadband services to residential and SMB (small and medium business) customers through Ciena’s virtual broadband network gateway (vBNG) that provides network operators with agility, reliability, and scalability.

nexfibre is a high quality, full-fibre wholesale network provider, operating across the UK. 

Our platform brings competition and innovation to transform the UK market, delivering lasting impact to the people, communities and businesses we serve. 

We are on-target to deliver our network to more than 5 million premises by 2026, using the latest XGS-PON architecture, capable of symmetrical speeds of up to 10 Gbps.


open. fast. simple.

Since 1999, DrayTek UK has marked a fast and steady growth to become a leading, award-winning manufacturer of business class broadband and networking solutions. Today, we offer a complete range of enterprise network equipment for Internet connectivity, wireless networks, mesh Wi-Fi systems, switching, broadband routers, secure VPN, along with remote management tools. DrayTek's business philosophy focuses on promoting high-performance, cost-efficient and reliable networking solutions to help organisations within retail, enterprise, home-based, hospitality and education, exploit the full potential of the Internet.

ISPA Partner - EPS

eero was founded to make wifi and networking the way they should be—fast, reliable, secure, and built for the future.

After introducing the first home mesh wifi system, eero is known for award-winning hardware and software and continues to create connectivity solutions for individuals, businesses, communities, and service providers.

Founded and headquartered in San Francisco in 2014, eero is an Amazon company. For more information click below

ISPA Partner - EPS

EPS Global specialises in open disaggregated solutions that are based on open standard, bare-metal hardware with a choice of open software for Software-Defined Networking, virtualization, and cloud orchestration. It was first adopted by hyperscalers to avail of the centralised network management, CapEx and OpEx savings, but mainstream adoption is accelerating as customer motivations are stronger and the barriers to entry are lower.

If you’re wondering where to start, then EPS Global is here to help. We stock all the hardware you need – switches; optics; cables and more, and we bring together this hardware with open Network Operating Software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business. Our engineers can advise you on the best product set to suit your business needs, offering software configuration and bundling of solutions for hassle-free, consolidated shipments from our 28 global locations.

Contact: Mark Downey +44 (0)20 3008 9709 or +353 (0)1 8038918

Genexis brings the world to everyone’s home. We enable people to participate in the digital society and access essential services and applications. Fast and user-friendly digital connectivity improves people's quality of life and positively impacts their world. By creating innovative, more sustainable, and intuitive products, we make it easy for homes to connect to the world.

Genexis is a leading European vendor of innovative broadband solutions for the home. Our customers are network operators, internet service providers, and fiber network installers. Genexis’ portfolio consists of ONTs, residential gateways, extenders, open-source-based operating systems, and communication management software. We are a European company headquartered in Stockholm (SE) and Eindhoven (NL).

Genexis has a Sustainability Linked Bond listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and has earned the EcoVadis Gold medal for sustainability.

Heights is an established brand that specialise in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) ranging from Mesh Routers, Mesh WIFI Extenders, XGS-PON and GPON hardware designed for the FTTH market.

The International Offices are based out of Geneva, Switzerland and we have strategic offices Globally including a dedicated UK team based out of London.

Heights’s unique containerised software architecture allows Service Providers to deploy advanced in-home Wi-Fi services faster and efficiently.

Heights also provides an orchestration system to deliver application and services via our range of hardware, the orchestration system has a SaaS component to deliver application and container management which allows the launch of new and innovative advanced Wi-Fi services to our partners.

Height’s was established to deliver the latest technologies to Service Providers and give their customers the best WIFI user experience.

IQGeo’s award-winning software gives fibre network operators the insights they need to plan, design, operate, and build better broadband networks. With a single shared geospatial network view for the office and field, the IQGeo software streamlines operational processes to support an integrated lifecycle that delivers faster time-to-revenue and keeps operators ahead of their competition. 

Our SaaS-based Network Manager Telecom software is available in Insight, Professional, and Enterprise editions that support fibre network operators of virtually any size and budget. Proven by the world’s most demanding network operators, our software allows
teams to model any network requirement, integrate every system and data source, support office and field staff, and continually innovate to create and maintain the fiber networks of the future.

To learn more and see why thousands of users choose IQGeo, get in touch with John Tarleton.

ISPA Partner - Linksys

At Linksys, we strive to build the world’s most reliable, innovative, future-ready wireless technologies that can securely connect every person and every thing, effortlessly. Founded in 1988, Linksys has since established itself as a premier networking brand. Today, Linksys hardware products, software, and services are sold in 64 countries worldwide, ranging from home routers and mesh systems to business access points and switches. Recently, Linksys expanded into education and enterprise through its partnership with Fortinet, the leader in enterprise-grade security. Linksys hardware solutions contribute to ISP’s competitive edge and high customer satisfaction through innovative and scalable broadband solutions. Linksys. For every connection.

Contact: Albert Farag, European Sales Director - Service Providers

PSI has developed a multichannel sales and customer onboarding platform specifically for telco and utility companies.

Our technology has been powering field, online, in store and over the phone selling for nearly two decades. From territory management and offline capabilities for field teams, to multichannel lead capture and end-to-end customer onboarding journeys; the PSI platform increases sales performance, reduces time to billing and optimises every sales channel.

We recognise that true innovation is not just about products; it's about understanding the unique challenges our customers face both locally and globally, and leveraging our extensive industry knowledge to provide tailored solutions.

PSI’s mission. To deliver frictionless sales for utility and telco companies across the globe.

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ISPA Partner - TP Link

With more than 25 years experience designing and manufacturing networking devices Aginet from TP-Link features a slew of products and services that offer a wider range of application scenarios, such as xPON, xDSL, hybrid access, Wi-Fi access, and mesh networking. Backed by innovative R&D, quality-assured vertical manufacturing, and excellent pre-and-after sales services, Aginet features the fastest response time and the most efficient execution team in the network communications terminal industry.

Contact: Kalam Meah, ISP Director, TP-Link UK & Ireland

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ISPA Partner - Viavi

How do you efficiently build out and maintain your fiber network with quality while overcoming the challenges of increased customer demand and a developing workforce? You get smart with your testing. This means easy-to-use tools, simplified test processes, and automated report management. Learn how VIAVI can help you save time, reduce errors and give your customers the service they deserve.

Contact: Daniel Black, Director of Sales – UK & Nordics

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Radically simpler fibre management

VETRO builds software that makes it radically simpler and faster for broadband providers to plan, design, build, and operate their fibre optic networks. VETRO is the only SaaS-based GIS fibre management platform that optimises the business value of networks by simplifying the digitisation, data visualisation and management of fibre assets through an open, highly accessible and precise system of record for network assets. Our map-based SaaS platform is easier to use and more powerful than traditional tools and enables network operators and ISPs to benefit from a modern, integrated, and connected digital hub for their physical network assets. VETRO is leveraged by broadband providers around the world for all phases of network operations.

To learn more please reach out to Jonathan Shears, Head of Sales, UK