Watch the next installment of our ISPA Marketplace webinar series, where we shine a light on the products and services available to help ISPs thrive in an increasingly competitive UK market.

2024 is set to be a significant year for market transformation; with M&A expected, transition to customer acquisition and ROI objectives, increased competition from switching and operational efficiencies all coming into focus, this webinar will showcase some of the organisations that provide the necessary support needed for organisations throughout UK internet sector.

In this edition, we are joined by senior speakers from ISPA Partner's Viavi, Draytek and Ciena.

Check out our latest insights interview where we take a deep dive into open disaggregated networking with ISPA partner EPS Global and their peers from IP Infusion and Uniti.

In this episode we explore a success story from US dark fibre builder Uniti, who used open disaggregated networking as a way to cut costs and lead times when accelerating their network build.

Special thanks to our speakers:
- Graham Wooden, Senior Director of Core Engineering at Uniti
- Alan Fagan, Director of Sales in North America for EPS Global
- Kelly LeBlanc, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at IP Infusion

Watch our December ISPA Marketplace webinar, which shined a light on the products and services available to help ISPs thrive in an increasingly competitive UK market.

As we close out the year, this webinar will look ahead to explore some of the technologies that could help your organisations achieve greater success in 2024's transforming market.

In this edition, we are joined by senior speakers from ISPA Partner's Adtran, Altnets and TP-Link UK Limited. Who touched on the opportunities for infrastructure builders, ComboPon technology and Wi-Fi-7 being launched in the UK market.

Check it out!

ISPA Awards 25th Anniversary

To celebrate the landmark 25th anniversary of the renowned ISPA awards we have brought together some of the leading voices from the sector to share their views on the coveted awards.

The sector has seen a lot of changes over the past quarter-century creating a distinct and positive impact for UK society.

The awards have been there every step of the way, celebrating the achievements and dedication of the sector.

Here's to another 25 years of success!


ISPA Partner Webinar - Where does GPON fit into your plans?

ISPA Partner DrayTek showcase a pre-launch briefing on a new range of XGS-PON modems and routers designed to help service providers deploy cutting edge FTTP.

With extensive experience in rolling out major networks DrayTek’s new range of XGS-PON devices are fully supported by their central management and control system to assist with provisioning, troubleshooting, inventory management and maintaining the SLA with SD WAN and other tools.

To learn more about how this could potentially help you deliver business class connectivity solutions listen in to their webinar or reach out to their team at


ISP Business Summit 2023 - Panel: State of the Broadband Nation

Watch the headline panel discussion from this year's ISP Business Summit - titled 'State of the Broadband Nation - How is the UK ISP sector set up to navigate the challenges of the next 3 years in its pursuit of deployment targets and FTTP take-up? and what could be improved?'. Hear insights from some of the sector's leading voices, including:

- Graeme Oxby, CEO at Community Fibre Limited

- Adam Dunlop, Managing Director, Consumer, Direct B2B at TalkTalk

- Rob Hamlin, CSO at CityFibre - James Fredrickson, Director of Policy and Regulation at Hyperoptic

- Rebecca Molyneux, Deputy Director, Broadband Regulation & Investment, at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

- Steven Leighton, ISPA Chair (Moderator)

ISPA Marketplace - September 2023

Watch the next instalment of our ISPA Marketplace webinar series, which shines a light on the products and services available to help ISPs thrive in an increasingly competitive UK market.

We were delighted to be hearing insights from:

-Yarnin Israel, Director of Product Manager at Linksys

-Fionn Wardrop, Head of Business Development at LSBUD (Linesearch BeforeUdig) and Katalin Pecsi, Fibre & Records Manager at Neos Networks

-Michelle McCormick, Head of Products at CityFibre


ISP Business Summit 2023 - Panel: Increasing awareness and encouraging take-up of gigabit broadband

Watch our in-depth discussion on the take-up of FTTP services in the UK. We explored whether low penetration is an issue or something that will be overcome in time? And analysed the methods that may help mitigate the issue, including the development of a corporate brand, education of the end users about better fibre provisions and network services that can stimulate customer acquisition. Joined by senior business leaders:

- Helen Wylde, CEO at Wildanet

- Matthew Hare, CEO at Zzoomm

- Eoin Heaney, VP International at Calix

- Michael Gonzalez, SVP of Corporate Strategy at Clarity

- Aziz Laouir, Head of Sales and Business Development at Netgem

- James Robinson, Senior analyst at Assembly Research (moderator)

ISP Business Summit 2023 - Panel: Building a more complete network

Watch the in-depth panel focused on 'Building a more complete network - What services and technologies will set an ISP up for success in the increasingly competitive landscape?' from our ISP Business Summit 2023. This discussion explored the technologies needed to help an ISP thrive in a competitive market, featuring leading voices:

- Matthew Skipsey, CTO at Giganet (Chair)

- Justin Leese, CTO at Ogi

- Ronan Kelly, CTO at Adtran

- Sam Defriez, Director of Networks at YouFibre

- Barry McGinley, Senior Systems Engineer at EPS Global

ISP Business Summit 2023 - Panel: Margers, Acquisitions & Investments

Watch the in-depth panel discussion on 'Mergers, acquisitions and investment - What will investors be looking for in an ISP as consolidation intensifies?' from the ISP Business Summit 2023.

We were delighted to be joined by our expert panellists, including:

- Steven Leighton, ISPA Council Chair & Chairman at Voneus Broadband (moderator)

- James Harraway, Managing Director at Infracapital

- Rajesh Sennik, Deal Value Creation Lead & Partner at KPMG UK

- Jon Benger, Business Development at Altnets - Daniel Black, EMEA Sales Director at VIAVI Solutions

- Jayne Longstaff, VP of Digital Infrastructure Investing at Macquarie Group

ISPA Insights - Customer Experience in Multi-tenant units featuring RouteThis and Ask4

Listen in to the latest instalment of the ISPA Insights Video Interviews. In this edition we welcomed Matt Gardner, Co-Founder at RouteThis and Elliot Hughson First Line Team Manager at Ask4 Internet to discuss service delivery in MTUs.

As MTUs are seen as one of the biggest challenges to overcome as the UK surges towards nationwide gigabit coverage, this conversation explores how the combination of a managed service and customer experience software can ensure the optimal delivery of service for end users.

Learn more about RouteThis

ISPA Insights - SmartLife Managed Services featuring Dan Bloch, Calix

Tune in to the latest edition of the ISPA Insights video interview series exploring SmartLife Managed Services with ISPA Partner Calix.

With take-up of FTTP services now the pressing question for many ISPs across the UK landscape, we ask 'how can ISPs differentiate themselves among the competition and deliver on better subscriber experience?'

Dan Bloch, VP of Cloud Solution Sales at Calix takes us through how their managed services can drive revenues, improve customer satisfaction, minimise churn and set an ISP up for long term success.

Contact the Calix team:

Learn more about Calix

ISPA Marketplace - May 23 | EPS Global, Zinier & RouteThis

Watch ISPA's second instalment of our ISPA Marketplace webinar series, which shines a light on the products and services available to help ISPs thrive in an increasingly competitive UK market.

In this one hour showcase, we were excited to be joined by:

EPS Global's Mark Downey, Head of Sales EMEA

Zinier's Doug McCullen, VP of EMEA sales

Micah Gold-Utting, Sales Director at RouteThis

Learn more about the partners

ISPA Marketplace - March 23 | Calix, Viavi, PelicanCorp

In 2023, the UKs ISP market is set to go through a significant shift with increased market competition, more stringent investment and an increased focus on converting the premises passed into premises connected. As such, it is now more important than ever for service providers to explore the complimentary services and products on offer to enhance their provisions.

In this first one hour webinar we are delighted to announce the following speakers: 

  • Jan-Willem Nijman, EMEA Sales Director at Pelicancorp
  • Ross Stoddart, EMEA Marketing Manager at Viavi
  • Dan Bloch, VP of Global Cloud Solutions at Calix

Learn more about the partners

ISPA Insights interview with Hyperoptic

In this latest ISPA insights interview, ISPA sat down with James Fredrickson, Director of Policy and Regulatory affairs at Hyperoptic, our sponsors of Parliament & Internet 2023.

In a critical year for broadband this in-depth interview shone a light on the most poignant developments in our sector. The conversation took a deep dive into the conference, state of play in the market, ISP best practice for consumers, policy development, terminology and much more. 

Watch the full interview below.

Industry In Focus Webinar: Beyond the build - in partnership with Calix

The latest ISPA ‘industry in-focus’ webinar will seek to answer the questions of how to grow your customer base and increase revenue, what additional services can be offered and as speed alone is no longer a differentiator how to compete against high-profile household name brands, with insights from leading sector stakeholders.

Hear the opinion ISPs about their journey through the customer acquisition process, their views on the future and what strategies they will be implementing to ensure their organisation converts premises passed to premises connected.

EPS Global, MetaLINK & IP ArchiTechs discuss open, disaggregated networks

With people working from home, streaming services instead of using traditional media, and education, banking and telemedicine being provided online – many are calling for Internet access to be classed alongside power and water as a household utility. But Governments and Service Providers are struggling to keep up with the explosion in demand for broadband as global supply chains continue to be constrained and project costs soar.

How can ISPs navigate around the supply chain crunch, cut lead times and costs for deployment? Open, disaggregated Networking may be the answer. In this 'ISPA insight' we take a look at a success story in North America.


Netgem & Brawband discuss their partnership and its value to customers

In this ISPA insights video, Andrew Kernahan, ISPA's Head of public affairs welcomed Shan Eisenbeg of Netgem TV & Wifi and David Munro of Brawband. Together, they explored the utility of increasing customer satisfaction through providing a more complete form of broadband, which in turn, helped Brawband's newer altnet service compete against organisations already established in the market. Watch the full interview below.


Plume & WightFibre speak about the future of ISP Customer Experience 

Andrew Kernahan, ISPA’s Head of Public Affairs interviewed John Irvine, CEO at WightFibre and Niall Robinson, Leading ODM partnerships at Plume. Watch the full interview to hear John explain why Plume has really been "transformational for them in their ability to serve their customers", and learn more on the future of ISP customer experience in a changing broadband market.



CityFibre & HighNet Telecoms speak about their latest collaboration

In this video, we have the pleasure to welcome David Alldritt, Technology and Innovation Director from HighNet Telecoms and Emma Goodwin, Head of Sales for Consumer ISPs from CityFibre.

Brawband, the consumer brand powered by HighNet Telecoms, has been a successful partner for CityFibre since 2020. You can hear all about their collaboration and more in the full interview, where they talk about the journey HighNet experienced entering the consumer market, the support CityFibre provides to partners, such as Brawband, as well as sharing their views on what the market will look like in the years ahead

EPS Global and Netomnia talk about the future of ISP Networks

In this interview, Nick Lansman, ISPA’s Secretary General, has the pleasure to welcome Feka Samakuva, the Director of Networks for Netomnia and Mark Downey, the Head of Sales in Northern Europe and Africa for EPS Global, to speak about their collaboration and more widely about the future of ISP Networks thanks to open disaggregated solutions.

Openreach & Zen Internet speak about the Great British Switch Off

In this interview, Andrew Kernahan, ISPA’s Head of Public Affairs, has the pleasure to welcome Juliette Scott, Senior Manager, All IP Migrations from Openreach as well as Andrew Sayle, Broadband Portfolio Manager and Lee Houston, Voice and UC Strategy Portfolio Manager from Zen Internet to speak about the big challenge of the PSTN switch off that will happen in December 2025.

Preparing for the PSTN switch off - Openreach & Vostron

In this video, we have the pleasure to welcome Sam Strover, ISPA Council Member and CEO of the business ISP Vostron and Phil Laws, Senior Manager, CP and Stakeholder Engagement at Openreach to discuss the challenges of the PSTN switch off. This was a useful opportunity to clarify the implications for vulnerable customers and special services as well as the next steps for CPs to get ready by December 2025.