Joining the UK's leading Internet trade association

Over 200 companies in the UK benefit from membership of the UK's leading Internet trade association.

Membership of ISPA is available to companies rather than individuals.

Once you send the online application form, your application is passed onto the Council of ISPA for consideration. When your application is accepted, you will receive an email from ISPA containing the invoice. Upon receiving the payment, ISPA will send you a confirmation email, which includes amongst other things your login and password to the website, the ISPA logo and information on how to join Ombudsman Services. Your company's details will be then added to the members section on the ISPA website.

Acceptance of membership is at the discretion of the Council. Companies who choose to become members of ISPA also agree to abide by the ISPA UK Code of Practice.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for year 2023-2024 are based on the company's annual turnover.

The ISPA membership runs annually from 1st April to 31st March.


Membership categories:

  • (L) Small (£800) - Up to £500,000 per annum
  • (M) Small (£1,600) - £500,000 to £1 m per annum
  • (U) Small (£2,400) - £1m to £2m per annum
  • (L) Medium (£3,200) - £2m to £5m per annum
  • (M) Medium (£4,000) - £5m to £10m per annum
  • (U) Medium (£4,800) - £10m to £20m per annum
  • Large (£5,400) - £20m to £50m per annum
  • Corporate (£9,500) - £50m per annum +
  • Associate (£315) - For registered charities
  • (L) Legal Forum (£800) - For law firms with up to 10 partners
  • (M) Legal Forum (£1,600) - For law firms with 11-20 partners
  • (U) Legal Forum (£2,400) - For law firms with over 20 partners

Associate membership - Consultancy

  • Small consultancies (up to £500,000 turnover): £400+VAT
  • Medium consultancies (£500,000-£1,999,000 turnover): £600+VAT
  • Large consultancies (£2,000,000-£10,000,000 turnover): £1000+VAT
  • Corporate consultancies (more than £10m turnover): £5000+VAT

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