ISPA UK Partner Programme

ISPA launched its annual partnership programme four years ago to work more closely with a select number of core and complementary partners whose products and services deliver added value to our members on their most pressing challenges.

Through annual exposure to our members, ISPA’s partnership programme allows our partners to get to know the community an entire year, achieving three main benefits: brand awareness, lead generation and brand awareness.

At the moment, ISPA is delighted to be partnering with 13 partners, as can be seen hereOur partners have expertise in a wide variety of fields from cyber security software, to infrastructure build & protection and end user broadband experience, all of which provide benefit to ISPs when creating an improved internet provision service and adding subscriber value. 

The ISPA partnership programme offers a wide array of opportunities to engage with our community of over 160 ISPA members, including at our annual ISP Business Summit, ISPA Awards, Parliament & Internet Conference, and various other events throughout the year. In 2022, we have also introduced our ISPA Partner content and resources opportunities, which allows partners to engage with our audience through digital thought leadership pieces on our website and promotional channels, with the ability for that to take the form of articles or white papers

ISPA offer the opportunity to organisations to be involved via a complete Partnership package or via more specific sponsorship opportunities around our differing events and thought leadership options.

If you require more information on the annual partnership programme or would like to engage through our array of differing options, please get in touch with our Partnerships & Marketing Manager, Krystian, on +44 20 8142 3773 or email him at


We would be happy to better understand your needs and make our offering even more bespoke to you!