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ISPA is the UK trade association for ISPs in the UK.  Members of ISPA agree to sign up to and adhere to a code of practice that is recognised as a sign of good business practice.  ISPA members include large consumer-facing ISPs, providers that focus on niche services, business2business specialists, hosting companies and fixed and wireless ISPs.

When choosing an ISP, customers should always choose an ISPA member. ISPA operates a complaints procedure and a code of practice that members must commit to. If your ISP is an ISPA member and you have any problems, ISPA can help rather than you needing to consult Trading Standards or a lawyer.

All ISPs must be members of an Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme, the two Ofcom-approved schemes are the Communications - Ombudsman Service and  CISAS.

It is not recommended to select an ISP by price alone. Not all ISPs offer the same services. Customers should look closely at what is offered and decide what they actually need.

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