Membership benefits

Joining the UK's leading Internet trade association offers many benefits, from new business opportunities to meeting face to face with the politicians whose opinions can affect your business. Some of the benefits of membership are below and read comments from our new and existing members here. Please get in touch with ISPA to find out further information.

ISPA represents over 200 companies in the UK internet sector; here are the main reasons why you should also join ISPA


The Logo of Responsible Internet Businesses

The ISPA UK logo is recognised by industry, parliamentarians and consumers as a sign of good business practice. The logo denotes participation in self-regulation and adherence to the ISPA UK code of practice and complaints procedure. ISPA members may use the ISPA logo on their website, headed paper and promotional material.


Free Membership of Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

Under section 54 of the Communications Act ISPs and other communications service providers must provide access to an external dispute resolution scheme for their customers or face a fine of up to £50,000.

ISPA members (with the annual turnover under £20m) receive free membership of Communications Ombudsman. Further information about OS can be found here.


Promoting Sales

Sales contacts are placed on the ISPA website so potential customers looking for a service provider - and making the informed choice of an ISPA member - are provided with direct links to our members.

Invitation to and participation at ISPA's Events

High profile ISPA events give our members the opportunity to meet people worth knowing in their business including key industry players, government officials and parliamentarians, lawyers, journalists and new business contacts. ISPA organises many events for members including:

Policy Subgroup meetings
Parliamentary networking events
Networking receptions and dinners
Members meetings
The UK Internet industry awards (the ISPAs)
Visit the Events Calendar for a full list of ISPA endorsed events for which ISPA members can claim exclusive discounts.


Members-only content

Members receive exclusive access to insider knowledge gleaned from ISPA's work with governmental and non-governmental organisations.
Members receive access to the following password-protected content:
Reports from Meetings
Consultation Papers
ISPA monitor newsletter and archive
Policy forum
Research portal
Subgroup updates (on cyber security, broadband and liability)
EuroISPA monthly reports

Involvement in shaping public policy

ISPA is a strong advocate of industry self-regulation, and campaigns against unnecessary regulation that may hinder its members in any way. ISPA ensures our members' interests are always appropriately represented.

ISPA helps to shape future regulation on behalf of its members. It provides opportunities for members to convey their company's interest to government officials and parliamentarians face-to-face. Members may join meetings held with Ofcom, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Home Office and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.


The ISPA Monitor

ISPA provides members with a weekly news, compliance and regulatory information bulletin keeping our members regularly informed on national, European and international regulatory developments that affect members' businesses.

Electronic discussion lists

ISPA members can communicate with each other to discuss current issues, sales opportunities and technical issues via email discussions lists administered by ISPA.

Deals for members

ISPA arranges exclusive deals for members with its annual partners and a variety of companies including co-location providers.

As a responsible Service Provider we feel we need to be part of the ISPA.


We joined ISPA in order to be involved in the discussions about key aspects of the industry.


We joined for ADR mainly plus to keep up to date on industry changes.

ISPA membership allows us keeping up to date with Industry news and changes, along with increasing our brand awareness.

Country Connect

We work collaboratively with ISPA to advance the Industry's agenda.


We joined ISPA to play our part in the industry and benefit from being part of the larger body.

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