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Jurassic Fibre LTDExeter

jurassic-fibre.com    7799253474    joe.brannan@jurassic-fibre.com   
Jurassic Fibre are a new innovative service provider who will be providing high speed fibre based services to residential and business customers in the South West of England.

Landlord BroadbandYork
North Yorkshire

The UK’s leading broadband & Wi-Fi specialists for landlords and property developers. Landlord Broadband specialises in delivering fast, hassle-free broadband & Wi-Fi solutions for landlords and property organisations so they can include reliable internet access in their service offering. This niche internet service provider offers a range of solutions for small properties through to large blocks and provides a guarantee for their installations.

East Sussex

Leetline is a dedicated gaming broadband ISP. Leetline broadband delivers fast and smooth gameplay without those horrible jitters.


www.liberty-i.com    08082819500    info@liberty-i.com   
Liberty-i has over 15 years of experience in providing high speed internet services to businesses throughout the UK. Backed up with 24/7 support and a full range of other complementary Voice, VoIP, Wireless and Data Services.

Lightning Fibre LtdEastbourne
East Sussex

Lightning Fibre is a community conscious, Full Fibre Hyperfast Internet service operator and provider, based within the town of Eastbourne. Lightning Fibre provides a minimum of 1Gb/s symmetrical connections on unlimited data plans.

Lightspeed BroadbandSpalding

www.lightspeed.co.uk    01775 830 075    hello@lightspeed.co.uk   
Lightspeed are bringing ultra-fast, full fibre broadband into over 1 million homes in the East of England.

Link broadband limitedLondon

www.linkbroadbands.com    03301741444    info@linkbroadbands.com   
LinkBroadbands.com is here to make getting online a simpler and more affordable process. Our team is committed to bringing you all the information you could possibly need when making the right purchasing decision for your home or business


www.linx.net    01733 207701    help@linx.net   
For over twenty years, LINX has helped connect thousands of organisations with their partners, suppliers and customers through our peering network. While LINX is known for its robust, reliable and extensive peering network, our service goes much further. We offer a growing number of interconnection services, colocation in world-leading data centres, and extensive guidance and support to new members looking to interconnect. Our 950+ strong membership community spans all major cloud, data communications, telecommunications, financial, and enterprise companies across more than 85 countries worldwide.

Lit FibreReading

litfibre.com    0330 460 4610    support@litfibre.com   
Lit Fibre is a full-fibre Gigabit ISP, connecting small towns and communities to an FTTP network that's built to last.