ISPA celebrates its 25th anniversary

To mark our silver anniversary, ISPA published a report looking back at the journey the UK ISP industry has been on over the past 25 years.

This report looks back at the journey the UK’s internet has made over the last quarter century and charts how the internet has become fundamental to our everyday lives, from dial-up to gigabit broadband.

When ISPA formed in November 1995, John Major was Prime Minister, Blackburn Rovers were Premier League champions, Blur and Oasis were battling it out for the number 1 spot in the charts, and less than quarter of households had a PC as Windows 95 launched.

Today, nine out of ten of us went online last year, the average UK household has 10 internet-connected devices, and one-third of new relationships started online.

So, how did we get here?

Read the report today and find out...

ISPA 25th anniversary report

Visit our website to view a range of interviews with current and former leading industry figures, and see our interactive timeline taking in some of the major milestones of the last 25 years.

25th anniversary site

Online Harms Bill coming soon

With the Online Harms Bill expected this Autumn, ISPA has been busy monitoring the latest developments. Online harms remain a hot topic both in Parliament and the media with disinformation and online safety of particular interest this month. ISPA attended a round table with various teams at DCMS to discuss the Government’s plan for online harms. We continue to meet regularly with the DCMS Standards Team to discuss DoH, online harms and filtering.

ISPA gives evidence to MPs on broadband rollout

ISPA’s chair, Andrew Glover, was chosen as one of three witnesses to give oral evidence to the DCMS Select Committee this month as part of their ongoing inquiry into broadband and 5G. Andrew was asked questions on a range of topics relating to the Government’s 2025 ambition of nationwide gigabit capable broadband and what more industry needs to achieve this. He was clear that this target is very challenging and the greater clarity we can get, an the more barriers removed, the closer we will get to it. The full evidence session can be found here and the Committee will shortly write a report with further recommendations to Government.

ISPA involved in demand-side working group

DCMS launched their Gigabit Take-Up Advisory Group working group this summer, tasked with making recommendations to boost take up of gigabit services in the UK. The group, run by Which?, CBI and FSB includes DCMS and ISPA as representatives of industry. ISPA will also be writing a submission to the group’s call for evidence through the broadband subgroup. This topic was also drawn on during a panel at last week’s connected Britian chaired by ISPA’s Head of Policy, Till Sommer – looking particularly at the role of local authorities in the debate.

ISP Business Model Webinar Series

Don't miss our last webinar on 8th October

This series of webinars is dedicated to ISPs, vendors, analysts and technologists and some of the key developments and challenges facing the industry and the opportunities it presents. The first two sessions' topics were enhancing customer values and networks and you can see their recordings below.

The last session will concentrate on increasing your network security and will be lead by partners SonicWall and Whalebone. If you would like to join the session, please RSVP to

Register here for the Cyber Security Webinar

Watch the webinar on 'Enhance your customer value proposition' here

Watch the webinar on 'Networks' here



The ISPA Awards 2020 will take place on 18th November and the ceremony will be broadcasted online! There will be many surprise elements to make this new experience extra special. We will share more details in the coming weeks but if you would like to sign up early, please book your tickets on Eventbrite.

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ISPA Partners for 2020

ISPA welcomes Fibrain as Partner for 2020


In the land of PLC splitters

Abstract: PLC splitters are passive devices for optical power distribution, manufactured using planar processing methods and used as main components in fiberoptic access networks such as PON. Until recently considered rather exotic, PLC splitters are now gaining popularity among operators and installers due to the spreading of PONs. The popularisation of PLC splitters is caused mostly by the decrease in their pricing as well as the increase of the suppliers introducing these splitters to their offer. At the moment, PLC splitters became so popular that many operators began to consider them as mass-produced and widely accessible devices, so simple they cannot be malfunctioning. With such an approach the only matter that should be taken into account when selecting the supplier is obviously the price. Is this justified? In this series of articles we shall be exploring the most important myths regarding the splitters.

Myth Busters - in the Land of PLC, part 1 can be downloaded here

Deliver the High-Quality Connectivity your Customers Demand

Network disaggregation, the pillar of hyperscale data centres, is now a reality for ISPs who are embracing SDN and open hardware to address their challenges. Lack of flexibility in current solutions – exacerbated by a limited choice in technology providers – makes it challenging for operators to efficiently build and upgrade networks.

AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Verizon and other Tier 1s are already well on their way to network disaggregation. It is now the turn of 2nd and 3rd tier Service Providers to reap the benefits of the solid foundations that have been laid by the backbone providers.

If you are wondering where to start, then EPS Global is here to help you begin that journey. We have the hardware, software, and technical resources to help you deploy open, disaggregated, and standards-based solutions that deliver the high-quality connectivity that your customers demand.

In fact, we are working on projects with service providers globally on PON, Backhaul and aggregation all using open networking solutions, for example Telefonica Chile and TDF in France. Closer to home we've installed an open networking testing lab with a large UK-based satellite company (who shall remain nameless! 😊) which we'll be deploying globally soon, and we've a number of other installations going on with Service Providers in the UK at the moment which are alleviating some of the challenges they’re having with capacity on their network and managing the spiralling costs of proprietary solutions.

I would be happy to set up a call at your convenience to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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It's been a big month for our partners at Netgem TV as they unveiled the Origin TV success story at our ISPA Business Model summit. This was the first scale deployment of a new TV framework designed to offer branded TV to ISPs whilst removing the barrier to entry.

If you missed it you can download the slides here.TV is all about constantly adding new exciting content and this month the BBC Sounds app was also launched on Netgem TV ahead of all other TV platforms - Woop!Netgem also bagged the ‘Best Interactive Technology Award’ at the CSI Awards 2020, for ISP “smart conversations” on UI, another way for Altnet ISPs to engage with your customer base.

Salumanus logo

We have great pleasure to announce that due to the dynamic development of Salumanus in Europe, at the beginning of September we registered Salumanus Ltd. in the UK.

Salumanus Ltd. was established to aid the development of telecommunication networks and share knowledge on solutions that significantly contribute to network optimization. You can rely on our expertise in selecting high quality optical transceivers, building advanced xWDM systems, and benefit from our experience in various data transmission projects we have done for telecoms, data centres,  banks and many other public institutions and private companies. If you wish to modernize your network or provide better and secure data transmission services optimizing the costs at the same time, just give us a ring, describe your needs and let us do the job.

In our article below you will find more information on why it is worth considering an xWDM system implementation.

DWDM – what it is and why you need it? -

Free no-obligation quote. Value for money. Business T&C.  Good lead times. Extensive product warranty.  Professional engineering support.

Email Kris Fuja, Regional Sales Manager, to arrange for a video call!
Phone: +447515012241
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Rerouting Digital Britain

The transition to a new generation broadband presents partners with the opportunity to develop new services and offerings. Read the following interview with Matt Dexter, Openreach’s Head of Business Development Accounts to find out more.

What has been the response from CPs so far since the launch of SOGEA?
The response has been very positive so far, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Between our Early Market Deployment (EMD) launch in September last year and the end of December, we’d already completed 85,000 orders on both SOGEA, and its Gfast equivalent SOGfast. Since then, the volumes of orders have continued to increase rapidly as the products have been fully launched.

Our CP customers seem to be gaining confidence in the product and starting to ramp up their sales volumes, and we’ve seen a number of customers launching consumer offerings based on both SOGEA and SOGfast.

We’ve had some great engagement and we’ve been helping the larger CPs learn about the product and giving them guidance on developing their sales and ordering systems to help speed up the sales process. Meanwhile the smaller CPs have also been enthusiastic, with some notable investments in building superfast and ultrafast broadband networks in recent months.

Read more....

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If you would like to join the ISPA 2021 annual partnership programme to regularly engage with our members and benefit from strong visibility, thought-leadership and lead generation throughout the year, please get in touch now, email or call 020 3397 3304.

Gold rush for ISPA membership in September!

ISPA is delighted to welcome 7 new members who joined our association in the past month.

Supplier of Full Fibre Broadband to Rural Northumberland and County Durham.

Gigaair provides high speed internet services in glasgow and the west of scotland. using both Fibre and Ireless technologies. to provide Gigabit to the home / office.

TrueSpeed build and manage an ultrafast fibre to the premises broadband network delivering speeds between 100Mbit/s and 10Gbit/s to residential and business customers. This is the most advanced broadband available and is robust, scalable and future-proof. We provide best in class customer service and a superior customer experience.

ND are part of the £200m Ogilvie Group. We provide fully managed service, IT installs through to data recovery. Manage your entire phone system from one interface. And offer professional services to help make governance risk and compliance a seamless part of the way companies work.

West Connect is a specialist broadband provider covering Northern Ireland offering speeds up to 1G.

F&W deploys Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and 5G radio systems for broadband providers aiming to complement the deployment of national operators in areas where there is no full-fibre infrastructure.

ISPA in the Press

We were pleased to see that ISPreview, Telecompaper, TechRound and thinkbroadband reported on our report and This is Money quoted ISPA Chair on customer service during pandemic.

Events Partnerships

ISPA offers its members a variety of discounts for events that we partner with. Many events were rescheduled in the past month. Please find the new dates below.

Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester - 4th and 5th November
Smart Home Expo - 9th and 10th November
White Label World Expo - 22nd and 23rd February
AI & ASI Expo London 2020: Plan Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Superintelligence Roadmaps for Economic Sectors’ Success  - 10th March 2021

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