Broadband workshop in October

ISPA and BDUK  are running a workshop in Manchester on how best to stimulate demand for superfast broadband. As the fibre is laid down, ISPs can access this new infrastructure in the same way as now, and we will hear from BDUK, ISPs and local authorities on how they communicate the difference superfast can make to home and business customers.   We will also have a panel exploring the issues surrounding traffic and network management and the free workshop includes a networking lunch and drinks reception. We'd like to thank Metronet(UK) for their assistance in hosting the event.

Where: Atrium, Greenheys Building, Manchester Science Park, Pencroft Way Manchester, M15 6JJ When: Thursday 9th October, 13:00-16:00

A full agenda is here and please email to RSVP.


Data Centre workshop in October

ISPA has confirmed a second free workshop, this one focusing on data centres, where we will explore some of the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the hosting and data centre industries. This event, hosted at Digital Realty’s data centre in Chessington, will feature a panel and Q&A on connectivity and operational issues, with a second panel on the legal and liability issues for those hosting content.   A networking lunch and tour of the data centre is included in this free workshop. An agenda is below and if members would be interested in speaking at the event or helping shape the agenda please get in touch. Spaces are limited so please RSVP to reserve a place.

Where: Digital Chessington, Chessington Data Centre, Cox Lane, Chessington, KT9 1SJ

When: Tuesday 21st October, 13:00-16:30

Full details are here, and please email to RSVP or if you would like to speak at the event.


ISPA works on consumer switching process 

ISPA attended an Ofcom seminar on implementing the new switching process. Under the new rules, a customer will only need to contact the new (gaining) provider, who will have to work with the losing provider on migrating the customer.  This is a major reform, and ISPs need to be ready to comply with a new set of Ofcom General Conditions. The phase one deadline is 20th September, and the new ‘Notice of Transfer’ process will go live in June 2015.   ISPA members received a full update on the new conditions and procedures, and also receive a weekly Political Monitor of all relevant policy updates.


ISPA responds to Citizens Advice over broadband contract fees 

ISPA responded to the Citizens Advice Bureau, who published research relating to contract termination fees. We reiterated the competitiveness of the UK broadband market and stated fees reflect actual costs, such as wholesale access and the provision and installation of equipment.   ISPA’s own figures show a significant reduction in complaints over time and we urge customers to check out the terms and conditions before committing to a contract. Our full response is here.


Neutralizing Zombies and Controlling Outbound Spam 

Email blacklisting and loss of email services are a direct result of outbound spam. Outbound spam also leads to complaints about network abuse and increased demand for helpdesk support and engineering resources.   Since most spam originates from zombie PCs (80–90% according to industry experts), large email service providers with difficult-to-control subscribers, such as ISPs and tertiary institutions, tend to suffer most from outbound spam. Other types of background zombie activity such as IP scanning creates additional load on the network, which is particularly undesirable when these links are operated at high utilization.   Treating the root cause (i.e., malware-infected users) is a crucial step towards effective management of outbound spam. But in domestic, mobile and transient user environments, it is practically impossible to enforce safe Internet usage practices or end-point security such as installation and update of personal anti-virus and firewall software.   Read more at


ISPA in the news

Broadband contracts and the story about old routers address books becoming  full were the main drivers of ISPA’s coverage in August. ISPA featured in articles in the Guardian , BBC News, uSwitch,, TechDigest, Business Reporter. ISPA also write a guest blog for Entanet, and appeared in numerous radio interviews. Full coverage is here.


New member 

We would like to welcome Unity Wireless to the association.


Free and discounted external events for members 

ISPA secures a range of free and discounted places for members at key industry events. To see the calendar for these events, please click here.