ISP Business Model Webinar Series
24th September, 1st and 8th October at 2pm
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ISPA is pleased to announce that this year’s ISP Business Model Summit event will be turned into a series of 3 separate webinars exploring 3 areas of growth for ISPs. Save the dates below to hear insightful case studies from industry experts on how to:

Enhance your customer value proposition 
24th September – 2pm-3pm
  • Case study on the partnership Origin Broadband launched with Netgem TV in June 2020: In a post-Covid world, customers are redefining value. In this webinar, you will learn how Origin Broadband recently partnered with Netgem TV to offer more value than traditional Pay TV to their customers and increase their brand recognition – and how you can too.
  • Annual General Meeting: the first webinar will coincide with ISPA’s Annual General Meeting, this will include business to approve account and elect new members of the ISPA Council – look out for further details.
Run more cost effective networks
1st October – 2pm-3pm
  • 3 case studies on successful implementation of customised xWDM solutions
  • 3 use cases on open networking from the Telecom Infra Project and the Open Networking Foundation: Network disaggregation, the pillar of hyperscale data centres, is now a reality for Service Providers who are embracing SDN and open hardware to achieve their goals. It is now the turn of 2nd and 3rd tier ISPs and Service providers to reap the benefits of the solid foundations that have been laid by the backbone providers.
Increase your network security
8th October – 2pm-3pm

2 Case studies from Etisalat & Telecom Italia on how you can simplify remote onboarding and ongoing maintenance with Zero-Touch Deployment, offer high-availability and low cost data access though SD-WAN and much more!

ISPA members can register for free tickets by RSVP to and non-members can buy tickets for £10 here.

Following cyber threats with DCMS

It’s been a busy month for Cyber with the Government announcing their decision to ban Huawei in the UK’s 5G networks by 2027.  We have been holding regular Cyber subgroup calls with members and closely following relevant evidence sessions from the Science and Technology and Defence Select committees to keep on top of the latest developments. At the start of the month, Ministers heard from Huawei who labelled themselves the ‘most inspected company in the world’, and BT and Vodafone urged the Government not to force vendors to strip Huawei from networks by 2023 claiming there would be data blackouts. Later in the month, DCMS Minister Oliver Dowden was in front of the Science and Technology committee where he faced questions on the impact of US sanctions, diversifying the supply chain and the possibility of building an OpenRAN network with members of the Five Eyes. For more information on what ISPA think, check out our submission to the UK 5G infrastructure and national security inquiry here.

New Consumer and Infrastructure Working Groups working hard over the summer

There have been plenty of policy developments in the broadband space to keep the Consumer and Infrastructure working groups busy over the summer. Issues as diverse as business rates, the treatment of vulnerable customers and the definition of a small business have all seen consultations published this month with ISPA poised to continue campaigns around the implementation of the EECC.

Gearing up to an Online Harms Bill

The Government is expected to publish concrete steps for the implementation of the Online Harms White Paper in the Autumn and there have been calls from the DCMS Committee to more thoroughly address the spread of misinformation in light of COVID-19, including around the issue of 5G. Separately the European Commission has properly kicked off the legislative process for a new Digital Service Act which could redefine some of most the fundamental parts of online and ISP regulation. ISPA is closely monitoring these workstreams and we have held meetings with Government and brought together members to discuss next steps. We expect that this will be a busy policy area in the coming months.

Articles from the ISPA Partners for 2020

Netgem extends reach by launching in Ireland with Pure Telecom and the most competitive broadband and TV offering available

Over 50,000 Irish customers will now be able to benefit from this partnership which offers broadband and TV bundles from €43/month

Netgem TV, the TV service designed for modern and savvy viewers in the UK, is now available to viewers in the Republic of Ireland following  a deal signed with disruptive Irish ISP, Pure Telecom. After the success of a recently launched  3-month free offer plan to existing customers, both companies have now confirmed that the Broadband and TV bundle is available for all customers. With traditional pay TV and broadband bundles from Sky, Virgin Media or Eir starting from €60, Pure Telecom have embraced the rising trend of cord cutting trend in Ireland and changed the landscape for consumers by offering a top-range bundle for a mere €43, offering a massive monthly saving to Irish consumers.

Established in 2002 with an intense focus on customer service and price, Pure Telecom is the first Irish ISP to carry the Netgem TV service. It will provide a fantastic range of over +50,000 hours of content including live TV from all Saorview channels plus 20 extra HD channels, Channel 4 catchup app All4, YouTube and YouTube Kids, access to Amazon Prime video, Hopster, Mubi, latest cinema movies from Rakuten TV, and also features Alexa integration for Voice control.

Sylvain Thevenot,Chief Commercial & Customer Officer, Netgem, said: “Pure Telecom is a really strong local player in an Irish broadband market that is heating up rapidly. We are delighted to be working with them to reach new audiences in Ireland and showcase how quickly and easily ISPs can launch compelling TV services via Netgem  with a low overall investment.”

Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom said: “Our research shows that online viewership is now a huge market in Ireland – and even more so in the last few months. As more TV and streaming providers enter the market, each of them producing more and more original content, consumers are demanding greater choice. We are very excited that we can now give this to our customers by entering Ireland’s triple-play market with Netgem and as a result, continue along our year-on-year growth trajectory.

“At Pure Telecom, top-quality customer service along with extremely competitive prices have always been our priority. We are delighted to be partnering with Netgem to provide a genuine alternative for Irish viewers seeking both broadband and TV.”

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How to optimize your network?

In our latest articles on optical fibre networks you will find a large portion of practical knowledge on network optimization as well as an explanation of sophisticated terms and concepts.
In July we discussed the following topics:
- VLAN - one network or many networks?
- From CWDM to DWDM,
- The power of a single fibre.
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SALUMANUS offers a helping hand to all companies whose businesses depend on efficient networks. We help to build leading telecommunication networks!

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Openreach commits to the largest full-fibre broadband build in the hardest to reach ‘final third’ of the UK – boosting the country’s post-Covid economic recovery

On Wednesday, Openreach outlined plans to make ultra-reliable and gigabit-capable FTTP broadband available to more than three million homes and businesses in some of the UK’s hardest to serve communities. This follows a new consultation from industry regulator Ofcom, where it proposes that such a build commitment from Openreach is sufficient for them to extend the fibre enablers previously set out in their WFTM consultation for Area 2, to Area 3.  This will contribute to the right investment conditions for Area 3 being in place. Ofcom has estimated that there are 9.6 million homes and businesses situated in this final third of the country.

The build to 3.2m UK premises forms part of a massive £12 billion investment which will see Openreach’s ambition to build ‘Full Fibre’ infrastructure to 20 million premises throughout the UK by the mid-to-late 2020s – delivering significant economic, social and environmental benefits for rural and urban communities, assuming the right regulatory and political fibre enablers are in place.

The company is also publishing an extended list of 251 locations in the final third where it will build the new network over the next three years including the likes of Millom, Thurso, Ballycastle and Aberystwyth.

The data provides more clarity on its plans - giving greater certainty to local authorities, investors and customers - and supports the Government’s strategy to accelerate commercial investments in Full Fibre networks throughout the UK.

Openreach CEO, Clive Selley, said: “This year we’ve all seen the importance of having a decent broadband connection and at Openreach, we’re convinced that Full Fibre technology can underpin the UK’s economic recovery.

“Right now, we’re building a new, ultra-reliable full-fibre network that will boost productivity, cut commuting and carbon emissions, and connect our families, public services and businesses for decades to come. It’s Ofcom’s proposals that give us the right conditions to build commercially in hardest to reach areas.

“We’re determined to find inventive engineering solutions and effective partnership funding models to reduce costs and enable us to connect as many communities as possible across the UK without public subsidy.

“Openreach is leading the charge to help Government achieve its target of making gigabit capable networks available nationwide by 2025. And we hope that by publishing our own plans, we can help ensure that taxpayers only fund connections in communities that really need public support.”

There are clear economic, social and environmental benefits to building full fibre in rural areas. A report by the Centre for Economics & Business Research (Cebr) – “Full fibre broadband: A platform for growth”  has revealed that with a future-proof and reliable fibre connection to every property by 2025:

  • UK productivity would be boosted by £59 billion each year
  • Half a million people could be brought back into the workforce through enhanced connectivity enabling them to carry out parenting or caring responsibilities alongside work
  • At least 400,000 more people could work from home, allowing them to live and work where they choose
  • 270,000 people could be freed to move out of cities in rural areas – helping stimulate regional and rural economic growth
  • 300 million commuting trips could be saved each year, with three billion fewer kilometres travelled by car – which would lead to an annual reduction in CO2  emissions of 360,000 tonnes

Openreach has already built Full Fibre technology to over three million premises across the UK – including over a quarter in the final third of the country. People interested in seeing whether they can upgrade their broadband can see what’s available in their area by entering their postcode into our online fibre checker.

5 Whitebox Products Changing the Face of Carrier Networks 

Since 2012, hyperscale data centre operators have enjoyed the benefits of the bare metal/whitebox revolution that has taken place in networking. Nearly a quarter of all switches now shipped are bare-metal and that does not include the brite boxes (bare-metal rebranded like HPE and Dell) in that figure. It has become easier to automate, scale, provision our data centres, not to mention the reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

Since 2016 and the foundation of TIP (Telecom infra Project), along with the OCP and ONF, open networking has aimed to address some fundamental problems within the telecommunications service provider domain. These networks, built over decades using a multitude of different and complex proprietary equipment, have been more than happy to embrace open networking and work with hardware and software vendors alike.

In the short space of 4 years a raft of hardware and software is now available with more appearing on a near weekly basis. Today I will look a little deeper at 5 pieces of hardware and the software vendors that are working in the production networks of companies like AT&T, Comcast, Deutsche Telecom, Telefonica, and many more.

Read more here.

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ISPA welcomes Connexin back to the membership fold 

Connexin re-joined ISPA in July. Founded in 2006, Connexin is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and world leading technology. We specialise in award winning IoT solutions, hosted telephony services, high speed connectivity and low powered networks and we use these to build smarter, more connected cities and communities. We have successfully deployed and built multiple carrier grade networks across the UK, supporting thousands of residents and businesses. We're on a mission to "Enrich Lives through sustainable innovation and the unique power of the Internet."

Events Partnerships

ISPA offers its members a variety of discounts for events that we partner with. Many events were rescheduled in the past month. Please find the new dates below.

Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester - 4th and 5th November
Smart Home Expo - 9th and 10th November
AI & ASI Expo London 2020: Plan Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Superintelligence Roadmaps for Economic Sectors’ Success  - 10th March 2021

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