Hyperoptic Case Study

Martin Dempsey–Customer installation engineer

What is your role in maintaining the network and supporting customers during COVID- 19?

I am a member of the Home Installation Team (Stage 2). We go into customers properties to install or repair the Hyperoptic broadband service.

Has your role changed since the lockdown? If so, how?

My role itself hasn't changed much. I'm still doing installations as before but I have to maintain social distancing while doing an installation, wear extra PPE (gloves and a mask if requested) and wash my hands or use sanitizer before and after entering the customers property.

Why do you think it is important that you continue to work during COVID-19?

I think it is important to continue to work as we provide a service which a lot of people are massively dependant on. In times like these people need to be able to stay connected to each other more than ever and a good broadband connection can really make a difference. There is also the bigger economic picture to consider as if I don't do my job, lots of customers probably won't be able to do theirs.

What do you find most difficult about working during the lockdown? 

The most difficult thing about working during the lockdown is trying to maintain social distancing in small flats.

Has the response you receive from the public changed since the lockdown?

Some customers are understandably a little more cautious about letting me into their property, they might ask me to wear a face mask for example, but generally people who have been at home for so long just seem happy to see and speak to someone different.

Can you tell us about your proudest moment while working during the lockdown?‪

I had a vulnerable customer who needed better broadband to stay in touch with their family. The cable for their property was not in an accessible location and I was unable to get them connected that day. I suggested a potential route to provide the sevicebut the building management wouldn't allow any trunking or visible cabling in the communal area. Due to the current level of demand and reduced staff, the wait time for a revisit would have been a few weeks, but rather than let the customer wait I returned in my own time to survey a different cable route. Building management approved the new route, we booked in the installation and got the customer connected less than 10 days after the initial visit.