The Internet Services Providers’ Association wants you to choose your 2019 Internet Heroes and Villains.

Once again the internet has continued to dominate headlines over the past 12 months: we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the world wide web, the UK Government finally proposed an online duty of care and Huawei has caused international tensions, Cabinet sackings and a lot of headaches for its PR team.

With the internet playing an increasingly more important role in society and in our individual lives, the cast for the internet’s heroes and villains has never been so large. This is why we want to hear the public’s suggestions for who they think deserves to be crowned an internet hero or villain. Whether you were unimpressed by US senators not having any idea what they were talking about when grilling Mark Zuckerberg, or you think that there is someone that has gone unrecognised for their valuable contributions to the internet, we want to hear about it!

Nominations can be submitted to ISPA via email ( or via Twitter (@ISPAUK), using the hashtags #InternetHero and #InternetVillain. We are taking in suggestions until 19th June.

The winners will be announced at the ISPA Awards Ceremony on 11th July in London. You can purchase tickets here. Tickets include a drinks reception, three-course meal + wine, and entertainment late into the night.