ISPA welcomes today’s publication of the Government's long-awaited Consumer Green Paper.

UK consumers currently benefit from a competitive and dynamic broadband market that enables consumers to choose the right service that suits their specific needs, including on price, service and speed, with Ofcom data showing that 87% of consumers are currently happy with the service they receive from their broadband provider. There is also a strong and established consumer protection regime that includes upcoming automatic compensation protection, switching and free-to-consumer redress through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We recognise that consumer protection is an evolving area and will be working with our members to respond to the Green Paper. It is important to stress that policymaking should be evidence-based and allow sufficient time for existing policies and measures to be tested. Government must also be mindful of placing further barriers to the rollout of broadband infrastructure and services.

ISPA Chairman, Andrew Glover said:

"ISPA members form part of a competitive and dynamic broadband market, investing in infrastructure and services to provide improved quality of service, all supported by an established and strong consumer protection regime. While the publication of the Government's Consumer Green Paper is a welcome step in consulting on how best to further protect consumers, it is important that Government ensures the market remains competitive and innovative.”