ISPs battling out to be shortlisted for the 18th ISPA Awards

Entrants in the broadband, hosting and VoIP categories at the 2016 ISPA Awards and are now undergoing rigorous technical testing which will determine the all-important and hotly-contested shortlist. This year has seen over 75 providers, competing across 17 awards, and the testing helps ensure the ISPAs are independent and robust. We would also like to remind all entrants that the deadline to complete the entry forms is 25 March. To access the forms, please see the categories here. ISPA is pleased to announce that wireless vendor Ruckus are sponsoring Best Wireless and Magrathea Telecom are sponsoring Best VoIP.


Raise your profile at the leading Internet industry awards

Sponsoring a category at the ISPA Awards allows vendors and suppliers to raise their profile and showcase products to some of the leading technology companies in the UK. With a table of 10, extensive branding and advertising, the ISPA Awards is great way to reach out to hundreds of people from scores of providers. Please see the sponsorship options for more details.


ISPA disappointed the Investigatory Powers Bill is being fast-tracked

The Investigatory Powers Bill has been published and ISPA responded criticising the speed of the Home Office publications.  With three committees publishing reports (the biggest one only three weeks ago) calling for changes to the legislation, ISPA now calls on Government to give parliament and industry enough time to scrutinise the legislation and provide much needed clarity to industry. The Home Office has pledged a number of changes to the Bill that will require close scrutiny. For example, as more work is undertaken to better understand Internet Connection Records the use of the powers appear to have been extended, and there are still questions to be answered around the use of technical capability orders and definitions. You can see our press release here.


ISPA research shows broadband more important to MPs than ever as ISPA continues to lobby Parliament

As ISPA meets with more MPs from across the UK on rural broadband and infrastructure rollout, we published research showing increased levels of political interest in broadband. By comparing three periods since 2010, the data shows that there has seen a sharp increase in Parliamentary Questions and Westminster Hall debates relating to broadband. This underpins how Internet access has become vital for communities and supports our work engaging with MPs from across the country on broadband rollout. The statistics and press release can be read here.


ISPA responds to Ofcom as they publish their once in a decade review

Ofcom published its long-awaited report on how it plans to set the long-term future regulation of the communications industry. ISPA published a statement supporting the report’s objectives to improve performance, enhance competition and investment and make rolling out networks easier in this data-driven age. Ofcom have made a number of proposals and ISPA will work with members in the coming months as Ofcom implement their recommendations.


ISPA responds to Government age verification proposals

Internet Safety Minister Baroness Shields announced a new consultation on age-verification for sites offering adult content. The consultation follows a Conservative Party manifesto commitment and will focus efforts on tackling sites that commercially benefit from adult content and associated payment processing services.   ISPA feels addressing policy remedies aimed at the most relevant part of the Internet value chain is a more effective approach. Our full response is here.


iBub and Community Fibre join ISPA

We would like to welcome Northern Ireland based iBub and London ISP Community Fibre to the association. iBub has supplied broadband to hard-to-reach and rural areas for the past ten years, offering satellite, fixed line and wireless services across the UK and Ireland, and Community Fibre provides a pure fibre broadband service to homes in London providing ultra-fast access, available at more than 100x the UK average internet speed.


ISPA in the press

ISPA has been very active in the media, with the Investigatory Powers Bill, broadband and age verification driving coverage. ISPA featured in BBC News, The Guardian, ITV News, Daily Mail, Bloomberg, Wired,, SC Magazine and many more. Full coverage can be seen here.


Deals for members

ISPA secures a range of free and discounted spaces for members at external conferences. Upcoming events include: