As of 1 January 2016, Ombudsman Services has replaced the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) as the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme provided by ISPA for members.

Having an ADR scheme in place is a legal requirement for communications providers serving consumers and businesses with fewer than ten staff and is a scheme scheme set up for consumers to turn to when a complaint they have made directly with a company has reached a deadlock stage, or has been on-going for eight weeks or more.

Announcing the move, ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman said ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman said “Free ADR is an important member benefit for members and their customers, giving peace of mind should a dispute arise. We are pleased to be working with Ombudsman Services.”

Under the scheme, customers who have an unresolved complaint with member companies of ISPA can ask that their case be referred to Ombudsman Services: Communications who will try to resolve the dispute at no cost to the consumer.