Best SME Business Hosting is: Storm Internet
Storm’s 24/7 support, adoption of IPv6 reliability and backup which are essential for SMEs meant they were a clear winner in the eyes of the judges

Best Large Business Hosting is: Fluidata
The judges were particularly impressed with Fluidata’s emphasis on bespoke solutions and level of support large businesses need.

Best Internet telephony sponsored by Magrathea is: Telappliant
In a very tight contest, the judges decided that Telappliant’s transparency and impressive network resilience meant they were worthy winners.

Best Managed Service Innovation is: Media Service Provider
The judges believed Media Service Provider’s innovative cross border music catalogue allows ISPs to provide the great music customers want, whilst also creating revenue for the artist.

Best Business Customer Service winner is: catalyst2
catalyst 2’s personal approach to customers, including listing the MD’s mobile number on their site as well as real time support tool impressed the judging panel to give them the edge.

Best Consumer Customer Service winner is: Plusnet
In a very close contest, the judges were impressed with the way customer service is engrained in the company’s culture recently, being able to provide excellent customer service to a vast number of customers.

Digital Inclusion in association with Go ON UK winner is: myLovelyParent
My Lovely Parent is raising digital skills in an innovative way, reaching out to some of the most isolated people in society, using the power of the internet to help tackle major issues in society.

Internet Safety & Security  winner is: KC, with IWF highly commended
The judges felt that KC’s all-encompassing approach, from providing a secure ISP service, physical drop-in centres to education programmes, made them stand out.

The judges wanted to recognise the Internet Watch Foundation who have been integral to keeping the internet safe; it’s only fitting, in the ISPAs 15th year to commend them for their work in removing child-abuse content from the web.

Customer Choice Award winner is: catalyst2
Thousands of customers took part and rated their ISPs on reliability, customer service and value for money – and catalyst2 came out on top.

Best Fixed Wireless Award winner is: VFast
VFast’s one size fits all packages, local support and coverage in not-spot areas was particularly impressive and meant that VFast were the judge’s preference in a closely fought category.

Best Business Fixed Broadband winner is: Entanet
Entanet’s range of technologies, flexible options and all-hours support for businesses and resellers made them clear winners with the judges.

Best Consumer Fixed Broadband is: Sky Broadband
The judges felt the sheer range of Sky’s value added services – Wi-Fi roaming, Sky Go and other apps – all for a competitive price, made them worthy winners.

Best Superfast Broadband is: Hyperoptic
The judges were impressed with Hyperoptic’s growth and commitment to affordable and unrestricted Fibre-to-the-Home internet, bringing more and more people the full benefits of fibre.

Internet Hero: ISPA Council chose Julian Huppert MP for leading the political campaign against the Communications Data Bill and for being one of the few MPs to understand the internet.

Internet Villain: ISPA Council felt that Recep Erdogan’s continued censorship of the internet and calling social media ‘a menace to society’ means he earns the Internet Villain award in 2013.