Best Customer, Data and Network Security

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Find the written entry form here. The written entry deadline is 1st July. 

This category is for the ISP who stand out in how they protect their customers, network and data, whether through cyber security initiatives, customer education, online safety initiatives or similar work. Supporting data, testimonials and specific examples are encouraged.

Please fill out this written entry form (keep the document size to no more than two pages of A4 - minimum size font: Arial 10) and send to by end of play on Monday 1st July 2024.

Entrants must provide a 800 word case study addressing the following:

  • Overall impact of its protection to customers – please feel free to use evidence to demonstrate its impact 
  • Use of technology and services to ensure the data and network is resilient to attack
  • Types of threats your customers face and the effect your strategies have in mitigating them
  • The impact your service, product or initiative had 
  • Compliance with regulations and best practice 
  • Products offered to customers and/or partners services available (free and premium)
  • Commitment to skills, training and education
  • Testimonials or specific case studies that demonstrate your provisions in place