Responding to the Citizen's Advice release on broadband and moving house, Andrew Glover, Chair of ISPA, said

“Moving home can be a stressful undertaking and while the transfer of a broadband service might not seem to be a high priority task, I would advise home movers to notify their providers early on to ensure a smooth transfer”

“Early notification will also reveal the few cases where it might not be possible to transfer a service because the provider or technology chosen by the consumer is not present in the area the customer is planning to move to. In such cases, just as with other contracts, such as gym membership, a contract termination might be necessary and this could come with an early termination charge.”

“Most of the service transfers for home movers are done without a problem and Ofcom indicates that the clear majority of consumers are generally happy with their service. However, when things go wrong, the industry agrees that customers are entitled to compensation and we are working with Ofcom to implement an automatic compensation policy that recognises the dynamics and complexities of the UK broadband market and provides compensation levels that are in proportion to the generally low prices for broadband services in the UK.” 1