Commenting on the publication of the consultation on a revised Broadband Speed Code of Practice, Andrew Glover, Chair of the ISPA Council, said:

“ISPA supports the consultation and the direction of travel that is being proposed by Ofcom.

The speed of a connection is clearly important for consumers, and while our members are offering faster and faster speeds across the nation a lot of factors can affect the speed that individual consumers can achieve. Some of these factors are outside of the control of the provider but we fully agree with Ofcom that speeds need to be communicated in a transparent manner.

The revised speed code will support providers in communicating even more transparently than they do now and we will be working with our members to undertake an in-depth assessment of the proposal. What is important to us is that the revised code works for all types of providers, that the underlying speed test procedures are robust and accurate, and that consumers can benefit from clearer information about the speeds they can expect to receive before they purchase a broadband product.“