“Brexit is rightly the main priority in the Queen’s Speech and it is crucial that the interests of the internet sector are protected with a clear and consistent regulatory regime.

In recognition of its central role in our economy and society, the Internet is featured more prominently in this year’s Queen’s Speech than ever before, as Government sets out its plans for the UK to be the best place to start and run a digital business and the safest place to be online.

ISPA supports these goals but it is important that a proportionate approach is taken so that obligations and responsibilities on internet safety do not end up undermining the UK’s desire to be the best place to start and run an business.

The industry recognises that it has an important role to play in this area as the Internet continues to innovate, evolve and grow. We look forward to working with members, Government and others to improve the already high levels of online safety and security in the UK, whilst ensuring that this does not undermine the UK’s position as a leading digital nation.”