ISPA welcomed new Ofcom statistics showing a big increase in the take up of superfast broadband, with 25% of people’s home broadband now classed as ‘superfast’ (over 30 mbps).  The overall national average now stands at 17 mbps, five times faster than in 2008, with the average superfast connection being 47mbps.

This growth comes at  a time of intense competition, with consumers being able to choose from hundreds of competitive packages, and broadband is by far the lowest price utility for households. There is also major public and private investment going in to rolling out broadband and as this continues, ISPA is confident the figures will improve further.

Responding to the new figures, Nicholas Lansman, ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman said “ISPA members are investing significantly in their networks, and their innovation is clearly paying off, with more and more customers enjoying the benefits of superfast. The UK broadband market has grown incredibly in the last ten years, with hundreds of providers to choose from and prices falling for consumers.”

Lansman further added “I also believe there is still more to do, and whilst there has been progress getting broadband to more and more people, Government needs to do all it can to enable ISPs to bring faster broadband to the hardest to reach places, using the full range of technologies available.”

 A full summary of the Ofcom research can be found here.The research analyses the seven largest consumer ISPs, however there is a vast range of providers out there using a range of technologies.

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