Please see below a comment from the Internet Services Providers’ Association, responding to the results of the recent YouGov survey on internet performance during COVID-19.

Till Sommer, Head of Policy of the Internet Services Providers’ Association stated:

"As indicated by the survey results there has been a significant increase in broadband usage in households during the lockdown with the UK's workforce logging on from home and friends and family keeping in touch only virtually. However, despite this large increase in usage, the network has proved to be resilient and continues to provide vital support for the public through this difficult period.

The performance of the network itself has a vital but not exclusive impact on the user experience – in-home devices, the number of users, corporate IT set-ups and capacity constraints within online services (e.g. video-apps) can play an equally significant role. However, there are several steps that users can take to improve performance - Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, has published a useful guide on this.”