In response to the Which broadband speeds expectations research published on Thursday at 00:01, the Chair of the Internet Services Providers' Association, Andrew Glover, commented:

"ISPs are investing billions in upgrading infrastructure to deliver increased speeds and are committed to providing more accurate and personalised information to customers.

Recent Ofcom data shows that the average residential connection speeds has increased to 36Mbps in November 2016, up from 29Mbit/s in 2015. Continued investment from ISPs nationally, regionally and locally will continue to see speeds rise.

A number of factors can affect the actual speed received by an end user and this is why ISPs help manage broadband speeds expectations, including through a code of practice that provides a personalised speed estimate to new customers at point of sale and allows customers to exit a contract if they cannot achieve the speeds estimated. In addition, upcoming changes to advertising rules from the ASA and CAP will improve how speeds are advertised. ISPA and its members are actively engaged in this process."