The UK broadband market is highly competitive and informed consumers are an important part of this. Ofcom statistics show the UK benefits from some of the most competitive broadband speeds and pricing. Beyond adverts, clear information is available via ISP’s websites, high street shops and comparison websites.

Broadband speeds in the UK have continuously improved in recent years and it is important to take into account that customers’ equipment such as the type of device or wiring in the home can have an influence on speed.

Furthermore, ISPs are signed up to an independent dispute resolution service that is open to customers who are not happy with their service and the Broadband Speed Code of Practice provide consumers with further rights.

ISPs are currently working with Ofcom, the ASA and Government on reforming the way broadband is advertised. The interest in this area from this group of MPs is welcome, but it is too early to conclude on exactly what steps need to be taken.