In response to today’s research from uSwitch, please find below a quote from ISPA Chair, Andrew Glover:

"ISPA understands the frustrations of those unable to receive a good quality broadband connection and this is why our members are continually working to boost broadband speeds, from alternative networks delivering solutions on a regional or local basis using a variety of technologies to a nationwide rollout programme that covers 94% of the UK. In addition, everyone in the UK should soon have a right to request a minimum broadband connection of 10Mbps under the broadband Universal Service Obligation.

Thanks to the continued investment and innovation of our members, broadband speeds are increasing each year, with the average speed of 37Mbps in 2016, up from 28Mbps in 2015 and 23Mbps in 2014, according to the regulator. ISPs are also committed to providing their customers with transparency about broadband speeds, including an estimate of the actual speed their line is capable of receiving before entering into a contract and providing customers with the ability to exit the contract if the speeds fall below a certain level.

We advise customers to speak to their ISP about steps they may be able to take to improve the speeds they actually receive as a number of factors can affect the actual speed many of which are outside of an ISP’s control. These include home wiring, the number of devices sharing a connection, the quality of equipment and the limitations of web-based speed tests which often only provide a limited snapshot of performance."