Cyber security is of paramount importance to ISPA members as the delivery of secure, high quality and reliable connectivity and online services is at the core of their business. Our members are fully aware of the vital role they play in maintaining cyber security standards and take a number of measures to do so, including providing antivirus software to end users, continued investment in their networks and services, network protection and identifying and responding to threats on a daily basis.

ISPA facilitates regular discussions within its membership on cyber security through a dedicated working group and, as part of this, has called on members to review the specific technical requests and advice that forms part of the NCSC’s Active Cyber Defence programme. We intend to further promote Active Cyber Defence through our own best practice guidance and by providing a continued platform for discussion. However, feedback suggests that there is no single set of measures or approach to managing cyber security and specific technical measures may not always be appropriate for each and every ISP’s network. A collaborative and flexible approach is therefore key.

We applaud Government for stepping up its cyber security capabilities in a collaborative manner, including the creation and role of the NCSC, which we hope will also lead to less duplication of reporting and a more streamlined approach amongst the various public sector organisations involved in the cyber security arena. As with other areas, a partnership approach is most effective, with different stakeholders fulfilling their role where they are best placed to. This means government, law enforcement, internet companies, individual users, ISPs and others all playing their part in helping to raise awareness and protect and mitigate against threats.

Andrew Glover, Chair of ISPA said:

“Cyber security is a priority for ISPA members and we believe collaborative, partnership approach between industry, government, users and other stakeholders is the most effective way of raising cyber security standards. We support the work of the NCSC and the Active Cyber Defence programme, have been encouraging members to review and consider implementing the measures appropriate to their network and will look to further promote Active Cyber Defence through our own best practice guidance.”