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Consultations and policy priorities, January 2024 


‘Smarter Regulation’ and Growth Duty
The ISPA policy team is welcoming feedback from members to inform our response to the Government’s consultations on plans to reform UK regulation and drive business innovation and growth. Please note that responses are due on 17th and 28th January 2024.

Review of ADR in the telecoms sector
ISPA will be responding to Ofcom’s periodic review of how its two alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes are operating. The review focused on: consumer access to ADR, and whether this is effective; consumer experience of ADR schemes; and Ofcom’s oversight of ADR schemes. The response will be submitted on 10th January 2024.


National Security & Investment Act
The ISPA policy team is welcoming feedback from members on its response to Government’s Call for Evidence on potential updates to the National Security and Investment Act, which looks at the proportionality of its investment screening powers for industry and national security protection. Please note that the response is due 15th January 2024.


Criminal Justice Bill — IP Domain Seizure
The Government recently unveiled plans within the Criminal Justice Bill to allow law enforcement agencies to take control of domains and IP addresses where these are being used by criminals. The ISPA policy team has been engaging with the Home Office on this issue, and is developing an industry position paper.


Pole Coating
The ISPA policy team is engaging with the Government and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to understand their position on the current timelines for approving the use of tanasote — a more environmentally friendly coating material than creosote — in the UK, as well as the potential alignment of timelines with the EU.


Open Communications
ISPA responded to this consultation last November; the policy team is available to engage with members in anticipation of the Government’s response.


Mid-contract price rises
Ofcom is consulting on its new proposals to ban mid-contract price rises. ISPA is not responding to this consultation but the policy team is available to discuss the proposals with members.


Resilience guidance
Ofcom is consulting on proposals to update existing resilience guidance to provide greater clarity on how communications networks can comply with the new framework for security and resilience that came into force in October 2022. The ISPA policy team is welcoming feedback from members to inform our response, which is due by 1st March 2024.


Please contact if you have any questions, provide feedback or would like to speak to the team about our ongoing work.


ISPA Events

Parliament & Internet Conference - 20th March  2024

In 2024, the annual Parliament and Internet Conference will take place on Wednesday 20th March from 1.45pm to 5.30pm in the Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, London. This time, our central theme will be focusing on the objectives for UK connectivity by 2030 and how the next UK Government, regulators and industry can strategically work together over the next 5 years to achieve them.

We are delighted to announce that the Rural Connectivity Champion, Simon Fell MP, is our Parliamentary sponsor for the event, which will feature high profile keynote speakers and panellists from across industry, Government, and leading civil society organisations. Bringing together 150 senior delegates, conversations will focus on highlighting key policy issues, promoting the sector to policy makers and creating discourse to help shape the future of regulation in the UK internet sector.

This event is especially important in 2024 with the General Election on the horizon, and it will create an ideal opportunity for the sector to help shape the narrative and amplify the areas they believe are crucial for policy makers and the sector to focus on over the next 5 years of governance through to 2030.

With a wide array of key focus areas this year’s event will be critical for the UK’s internet sector and we want as many members in the room to engage with policy makers of today and tomorrow.

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ISPA Partners

Beyond Speed:  How Lit Fibre and Calix Elevate the UK Broadband Experience

Over two years ago, Tom Williams, CEO of Lit Fibre, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the broadband landscape in the United Kingdom. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Williams saw an opportunity to bring gigabit-capable "full fibre" broadband to underserved areas of the country, where residents often endured subpar internet connections without even realizing it.

With an ambitious goal to cover 500,000 homes in the U.K. by 2026, Lit Fibre has set out to become truly embedded and integrated within local communities. It’s this community-minded focus that led Williams to team up with Calix, who offers an end-to-end platform built with a subscriber-first mindset. Williams recognized that ISPs pursuing true differentiation in today’s market must focus on the subscriber experience to stand apart from those that simply focus on speed.

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Unveiling the Vital Role of Remote Fibre Test: Reducing MTTR and Monetising Fibre Assets

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, high-speed connectivity is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. With the increasing demand for faster and more reliable network services, service providers and fibre infrastructure providers are increasingly turning to remote fibre test systems (RFTS) to guarantee fibre infrastructure availability, reduce fibre network outages, and improve service delivery.

The Smart Home and the Future of the Internet in 2030

Kalam Meah, ISP Director at TP-Link UK & Ireland Ltd., projects how smart homes and the future of the internet will look like in 2030.
The continued growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to elevate smart home systems over the next decade. TP-Link’s next-generation Wi-Fi 7 technology will transform smart homes by delivering greater capacity & faster speeds to support the growing number of connected devices.
The introduction of new interconnect protocols such as Matter will ensure that devices from different manufacturers can work seamlessly together. Advancements in AI will continue to drive smart home growth to improve the overall user experience. For example, smart fridges with integrated cameras and sensors will soon be able to suggest healthier alternatives for users. By 2030, consumers can expect to experience a profound shift from basic smart home integration to a comprehensive network of AI-driven functionality and machine learning in the form of robotic assistance.


ISPA Content

Keep your eyes peeled for the 2024 Awards - launching soon!

ISPA will release the date, venue and categories for our 2024 Awards next month, with plenty of opportunities to get involved. Once again, all entries will be free and will represent the offering from across the sector.

In the light of last year's success, sponsorship will also be available with opportunities available released soon. If you are interested contact our Head of Partnerships at for more information.

Wi-Fi 7: How businesses can embrace the next stage of connectivity


ISPA Members

This month we were excited to welcome Vodafone, Freedom Fibre and VCG Technology as our new members!


At Vodafone, our aim is to create a digital society that includes everyone and helps protect the planet. We believe superfast connectivity and technology is the key to unlocking the UK’s potential. We’re connecting people, businesses, and communities, so everyone can tap into the benefits of a digital society.

Freedom Fibre, a wholesaler of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) services in the UK, is dedicated to constructing a robust and lightning-fast full-fibre network that guarantees reliability and resilience for residential and commercial customers. Freedom Fibre collaborates closely with retail service providers to accelerate the deployment of gigabit-capable infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity.

VCG provide a range of managed services including connectivity, security, voice & collaboration and Microsoft solutions. We help our customer connect, secure, modernise and simplify their entire technology stack.


Partner Events

ISPA offers its members a variety of discounts for events that we partner with:

Smart Retail Tech Expo - 27th - 28th February, ExCel London
Channel Live - 20th and 21st March, NEC Birmingham - Get your free tickets here


Partners of ISPA

Become an ISPA Partner

ISPA Partnership offers organisations the opportunity to connect, develop relationships and grow their visibility with our 150+ ISP member community.

The packages run over a 12 month period and include 4 in-person events (including our prestigious ISPA Awards), online thought leadership, marketing opportunities and various other deliverables that ensures your organisation grows its connections in the UK ISP sector.

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