Openreach CEO Clive Selley and Joanna Cherry QC MP to give the ISPA Awards keynote addresses

The sold out ISPA Awards are taking place next Thursday and we are pleased to announce that the keynote addresses will be given by Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach and Joanna Cherry QC MP, who has been instrumental in scrutinising the Investigatory Powers Bill. They will spell out their views on the future direction of broadband infrastructure and the Investigatory Powers Bill and we look forward to welcoming them to the ceremony next week. 60 organisations are nominated across the 17 categories at the 18th Annual UK Internet Industry Awards and we look forward to finding out the winners at next week’s gala ceremony.


Apple, Investigatory Powers Bill MPs, trolls and Donald Trump shortlisted for the Internet Hero and Villain Awards

ISPA has announced the shortlist for the Internet Hero and Villain Awards. The nominations, based on crowdsourced suggestions from the public with a final shortlist determined by the ISPA Council, recognise those who have done the most to help or hinder the Internet industry in the last twelve months. The 2016 Internet Hero shortlist

  • Nicola Blackwood MP – For her Investigatory Powers Bill investigation
  • Jo Cherry QC MP & Sir Keir Starmer QC MP – For their scrutiny of the Investigatory Powers Bill
  • Apple – For defending the fundamental principles of encryption and customer privacy
  • Andrew Ferguson, Editor, ThinkBroadband – For editing an invaluable resource that explains and maps out broadband to inform consumers
  • Web Foundation – For working to extend the basic right of connectivity

The 2016 Internet Villain shortlist

  • Donald Trump – For calling on industry to ‘close’ parts of the Internet
  • Mossack Fonseca (Panama) – For demonstrating poor cyber security practices
  • The FBI – For attempting to undermine security by compelling companies to bypass their security
  • ‘The Internet Troll’ –  For overstepping the bounds of free speech, threatening the principle of an Internet for all
  • TCYK LLP – For its ‘speculative invoicing’ campaign aimed at alleged copyright infringers

David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP were joint winners of the Internet Hero award last year with Home Secretary Theresa May MP named as Villain.


ISPA calls on Government to protect the digital economy post Brexit

With the UK voting to leave the European Union, ISPA published a statement saying that with so many rules and regulations affecting the industry coming from Brussels, there could be changes to the future direction of data privacy, public funding for broadband, surveillance powers and the future of the Investigatory Powers Bill, consumer regulation and the Digital Single Market.   We further called on Government to do everything it can to ensure the UK retains its status as a world leading digital economy.


Security and exposure to risk is still one of the most talked about issues in the VoIP world, security issues never go away, instead evolving with time and technology.  The use of an IP network will always carry an element of risk however it is the procedures and contingencies of the operator that will determine how secure their systems are. Regular communication and updates will offer optimal protection. Internal monitoring and reporting of the network will also give warnings and show any unusual traffic patterns.    How can the supplier help to limit your exposure to risk? A conscientious supplier will offer features like tariffs that are tailored to your needs so limiting the exposure if your network is breached and real time fraud monitoring along with regular reviews of known target revenue generating ranges.    For further information from Magrathea or for information about our products please see our website or call us on 0345 004 0040.


ISPA Cyber Security Summit: speakers confirmed & final few spaces remaining

A final few spaces are remaining for the ISPA Cyber Security Summit, taking place taking place at The Brewery in the City of London on Thursday 7 July. As we are so dependent on the Internet, cyber security is now an essential priority for Government and policy makers. With uncertainty on the future direction of a number of policies affecting the sector, we will also be hearing from Government, law enforcement, industry and legal experts on the future of cyber security (especially in light of Brexit) and what is expected of ISPs.   The event is free and to RSVP please email


Peers express concerns over Investigatory Powers Bill in the House of Lords

The Investigatory Powers Bill received its 2nd Reading in the House of Lords after clearing the House of Commons in June. A number of Lords expressed the need for clarity and that Government needed to appreciate that the technology needed to retain user data couldn’t be imposed in a one size fits all way. Concerns were also raised on the costs of complying with the legislation, privileged communications and oversight and ISPA continues to monitor and act on the Bill as it progresses through Parliament. Concerns were also raised on the costs of complying with the legislation, privileged communications and oversight and ISPA continues to monitor and act on the Bill as it progresses through Parliament.


ISPA responds to Ofcom USO consultation

ISPA responded to the Ofcom consultation on the design of the Universal Service Obligation for broadband. In the response, ISPA fully supports the principle of ubiquitous access to the Internet, and called for clear plan on funding, and is also opposed to an industry levy. Whilst industry is committed to rolling out broadband using a range of technologies in rural areas, there is a question of now necessary a USO is, given that the UK is on target to deliver superfast broadband to 95% of the population by 2017.


ISPA in the news

The ISPA Awards, Brexit, the fibre tax and the USO saw ISPA feature in The Register, ZDNet, Fortune, ISPReview, Techweek Europe and more. To see full coverage, please click here.