ISPA Policy Update

June policy update

Surprise General Election 

The surprise announcement of a General Election on 4th July, impacted a number of live policy areas. Notable bills, including the draft Data Protection Bill, fell despite being close to completing the final parliamentary hurdles. Other notable pieces of legislation, including the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill, made the cut. Attention turns to manifestos and the campaign trail, as government officials ready their briefings for new ministers in July.

National Underground Asset Register (NUAR)

ISPA is currently engaging with members and officials on Government proposals in the DPDI Bill to introduce a statutory requirement for asset owners to comply with the National Underground Asset Resigner (NUAR). We are considering holding a member meeting on this issue, and will let members know next steps in coming weeks – please reach out if you have any questions or would like to chat through this further.

Defra Climate Adaptation Reporting

ISPA has been invited by the government to take part in the fourth round of the Adaptation Reporting Powers (ARP4), which looks at potential risks and vulnerabilities for infrastructure in the event of significant climate events. The policy team is welcoming feedback from members as we develop next steps for this project.

Public Accounts Committee: Supporting mobile connectivity

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) published its report detailing conclusions and recommendations from the recent inquiry into mobile connectivity, specifically covering the Shared Rural Network (SRN), data on mobile coverage, and the government's plans for future 5G and rural connectivity.

Notably, the Committee found that government is not certain what the eventual cost of the SRN programme will be, who will bear cost increases and how addressing cost increases will impact on coverage - nor does it have access to up to date information to track its progress. Additionally, mobile coverage reported by Ofcom does not always reflect the actual level of service that businesses and consumers experience.

Financial services manifesto for the next government 

UK Finance published its financial services manifesto outlining key priorities for the next government, including the recommendation that technology, social media and telecoms companies should contribute to the cost of tackling economic crime and fraud reimbursement.

Specifically, they recommend that the next government takes a "tougher" approach by introducing a Fraud and Scams Bill that draws on the Online Fraud Charter, and brings telecoms companies into the scope of the Economic Crime Levy.

ISPA Events

ISP Business Summit 2024 - 2nd July

Join us for our annual ISP Business Summit -  ISPA’s annual conference for business leaders in the UK internet industry, bringing together leading professionals to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and trends shaping the sector.ISPA will host leading industry representatives for a day of engaging discussions and healthy debate with sessions including:

  • Acquisitions and mergers – How to optimise value in a consolidating market
  • Racing towards rollout – tackling challenges and seizing opportunities for rural network deployment
  • Understanding consumer decisions: Turn your marketing engine into a customer acquisition machine
  • Exploring consumer decision making: strategies to maximise take-up
  • Unlocking network value and maximizing ROI for ISPs

... featuring senior industry speakers:

  • Richard Allwood, CSTO at Openreach
  • Rajiv Datta, CEO at Nexfibre
  • Neil McArthur, CEO at Freedom Fibre
  • Oliver Bradley, Senior Managing Director at Macquarie
  • Rob Hamlin, CSO at Cityfibre
  • Dana Tobak, CEO at Hyperoptic
  • James Harraway, Managing Director at Infracapital
  • Graeme Oxby, CEO at Community Fibre

plus many more!

This event is open to all members for free and we'd be delighted to welcome representatives from your leadership, strategy, commercial, marketing, technology and deployment teams to hear the insights from the litany of in-depth discussions and engage in the ample networking opportunities with peers from across industry.

Register your attendance here.

2024 ISPA Awards
Written entry deadline - 1st July

We received a record number or registrations. All entrants can now download the written entry forms to finalise their submissions. Entry forms can be found on our website in categories pages here and submit them to by end of play on 1st July.

For more information on the ISPA Awards, please visit or email

Digital Inclusion award will open for entry this month with shortlist for that category announced in Septembers, keep your eyes peeled for more announcements.

The shortlist will be announced at the end of July and winners at the awards ceremony at Raffles London at The OWO hotel on 21st November. This year we are offering an Early Bird tickets to members, finalists and partners that removes the service fee from your order, this will run until 1st August 2024. Last year's event sold out in record time so if you plan to attend, please book your tickets now here.

Partners News

TAUC from TP-Link Aginet - Wi-Fi Management Solution for ISPs

TAUC is the next-generation Wi-Fi management solution from TP-Link Aginet. The TAUC Solution incorporates the TR-369 USP cloud server, carrier-grade TR-369 CPE, a mobile app, and tailor-made API services for TP-Link’s ISP customers.

ISPs can roll out their service plans with increased ROI and improved UX with the intuitive network and Wi-Fi status dashboard integrated into the TAUC platform. The TAUC dashboard and visualisation software assists users to monitor their
network status in real-time and seamlessly manage Wi-Fi routers and mesh systems under a single interface.

The dedicated Aginet app allows users to configure and manage their devices remotely and ensures that customers’ network is ‘always-on’.

Discover more.

Transforming Broadband: the Power of Open Access 

Revolutionising broadband with open access is paving the way for efficient deployment and customer-centric services.

In this insightful blog, Ciena's Daniel Cury sheds light on the strategic impact of collaborations and the key components that enhance broadband performance. Discover how open access promotes healthy competition, lowers costs, and significantly improves service quality.

Join us on the journey towards a refreshed approach that promises a better broadband experience for all.

Find more about Ciena.

ISPA Content

Connexin Teams Up with Calix to Transform SME Experience in Yorkshire

How Internet Service Providers are Solving the UK’s Digital Divide

Partner Events

ISPA offers its members a variety of discounts for events that we partner with:

Connected Britain - 11th and 12th September - Find out more and register with 15% discount here.

Intelligent Automation Conference Global - 5th and 6th February 2025 - Find out more and register here.

Unified Communications Conference Global -5th and 6th February 2025 - Find out more and register here.

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