Luminet Case Study

Simon Dempsey, an installation leader

What is your role in maintaining the network and supporting customers during COVID-19?

My role in maintaining the network and supporting customers during COVID-19 has been the delivery of essential new H&S changes and kit within the company to maintain good health within the team and general public, troubleshooting faults, installing high capacity internet radio links, the testing of new kit to potentially increase the bandwidth of critical key industries and normal businesses and liaising with security services, building management and IT specialists to ensure a smooth delivery.

Has your role changed since the lockdown? If so, how?

During lockdown my role has changed and has become more central, ensuring business as usual throughout the company and the responsibility of keeping myself, my team, and the public safe has heightened dramatically - by means of new training to government standards and implementing new H&S kit to the team whilst maintaining social distancing measures.

Why do you think it is important that you continue to work during COVID-19?

I believe it is important to keep working during COVID 19 so that businesses, essential key agencies and workers are able to communicate and pass critical information at high speed.

What do you find most difficult about working during the lockdown?

Working during lockdown has proved difficult; sourcing PPE being a struggle and a constant reminder that we are all at risk at all times. Drastic new health and safety measures have had to be delivered quickly and efficiently whilst maintaining social distancing, working within building sites and internal teams is a difficult task and the new training and kit has been paramount in allowing this to continue safely.

Can you tell us about your proudest moment while working during the lockdown?

The proudest moment working during lockdown has been the response and bravery of my team to continue to install high capacity radio links in the epicentre of a pandemic with an unmatched focus on health and safety, efficiency, and a concern for each other – outstanding team work, oh and managing to source 10 litres of hand sanitizer for the guys.

Has the response you receive from the public changed since the lockdown?

The public response has definitely changed - they have become more empathetic to key workers responsibilities.