ISPA asks customers to rate their ISP

The Customer Choice Award has opened, and is the only award at the ISPAs directly decided by ISP’s own customers. Customers will be asked to rate their ISP across a number of areas including customer service, price and speeds and will be entered into a prize draw to win two tickets to the ISPAs ceremony in July.

Please visit this link to rate your ISP:

Technical testing for the rest of the awards is still underway, and thanks to Thinkbroadband and Malden Electronics for all their help with the testing. We hope to publish the shortlists in the next ISPA News.

The Best VoIP Award is sponsored by Magrathea and the Internet Hero and Internet Villain Awards are sponsored by fulfilment specialists NetLynk Direct. The Internet Safety and Security Award will be sponsored by security distributors Wick Hill and we can announce that hosting provider Tagadab will sponsor the Best Use of Digital Award, one of out

Sponsor the ISPA Awards

The ISPA Awards are a great way to raise your profile across the internet industry. As well as tickets to the event, sponsorship allows branding, ad space as well as a chance to present the award.

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ISPA Secretary General debates copyright policy with music industry

Nicholas Lansman, Secretary General of ISPA, spoke at a public debate as part the LSE Media Policy project, alongside BPI CEO Geoff Taylor and LSE Academics Dr Monica Horten and Professor Anne Barron.

Debating the role of ISPs in protecting copyright online, Nicholas made the point that there were still several unresolved issues, such as the voice of the individual user and the need for further reforms.

Nicholas further pointed our that ISPs have become significant content owners in their own right and Court Orders have eroded some of the 'mere conduit' principle.

Nicholas added that the music industry was wider than just record labels, with several success stories of artists and companies using the internet to distribute their music.

ISPA supports calls for more resources to tackle child abuse online

The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee published their report into various aspects of online safety this month, supporting our call for law enforcement (CEOP in particular) to be given the resources it needs to tackle child abuse online.

The report further acknowledged that filtering cannot work alone in preventing access to legal adult content and made several recommendations for social media companies to develop their reporting tools.

ISPA gave written and oral evidence to the committee and you can see our reaction to the report here.

Allot WebSafe Personal provides value-added, opt-in services to generate operator revenue, while increasing customer satisfaction and protecting children and households from online pornography.

With the proliferation of Internet-connected smartphones and tablets, online activity has increased dramatically, especially among teens and children. Armed with Allot WebSafe Personal Parental Control, mobile and fixed network operators can provide parents with a simple solution for protecting children’s online activity. The solution uses both automated web filtering and human analysis to identify, classify and control access to websites, advertisements and content that parents view as harmful or inappropriate.

Also in the suite of WebSafe Personal products is WebSafe Personal Anti-Malware, which prevents incoming viruses, worms, Trojans, bots and other forms of malware from infecting customers’ smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices.  It provides network-based protection against attacks and 24/7 signature updates, while requiring no action to be performed by subscribers.

Find out more about how Wick Hill and Allot can help you:

Spring Dinner and Consumer Workshop for members

ISPA is running two events for members on Thursday 3rd April in London.

The ISPA Spring Dinner is at Tapster in Westminster and a chance for members to discuss what they want internet regulation to look like after the 2015 election. Spaces can be booked here and are limited to members.

ISPA is also running a Consumer Workshop on 3rd April, focusing on Alternative Dispute Resolution. This is open purely to members and we have representatives from Ofcom and CISAS to discuss ISPs’ experiences using ADR. Please email to reserve a space.


ISPA members get free and discounted places at a variety of external conferences and events.

Please click here to see the calendar of events.

ISPA in the news

The ISPA Awards, ADR and online safety were the main reasons for ISPA appearing in the media this month, featuring in stories in Gawker, RecombuTelecom Paper,, SIP Trunking ReportISP Review & Thinkbroadband.