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Netsweeper  develops and licences the Netsweeper Internet Content Filtering and Web Threat Management product line, workings closely with our clients and partners to provide solutions and implementations that address each partner’s unique requirements. Netsweeper sells its solutions direct but also has distributors located around the world reselling various forms of the premium solution.

The Netsweeper application is designed to manage the Internet access and activity of Internet users around the world. Originally created as an alternative to the limited performance of the early filtering products that simply used word-blocking techniques and URL-blocking lists, Netsweeper was designed with the first automated and on demand content filtering categorization system. Netsweeper Inc. is the first Internet content filtering company to develop and use a form of hybrid “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) technology to scan content, assign content to categories, and update its filter system without human intervention in real-time.

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