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Prince Charles steps up pressure on internet giants over beheading videos

Daily Telegraph

ISPA UK Starts Hunt for the 2015 Best Broadband ISP Awards Finalists

 ISP Review

IPv6 IP addresses will make it easier for security services to track you

Attitudes to technology are creating a digital divide in UK government

Interview: Ed Hunt of Superfast Cymru



Concerns over national mobile roaming security risks unfounded, says ISPA chair

ISPs and security experts criticise UK web snooping law plans


UK ISPs are now blocking 93 piracy websites


Blocked piracy site list more than doubles after ruling


Concerns over terror exclusion plan


Intelligence authorities 'fail to understand data', say ISPs


UK police and security services 'haven't got a clue' how the internet works

Facebook outed as host of Lee Rigby murder chat


Government unveils £100m IP-matching plans to thwart terrorists


UPD Commons Intelligence and Security Committee Blames ISPs for Murder


UK internet firms warn of more mass surveillance

SC Magazine

ISPA disappointed lack of consultation on planned data bill


The war on Facebook: MPs rebuke social media giant for failure to act on online

activities of Lee Rigby’s murderer Michael Adebowale


ISPA responds to the Home Secretary on IP matching

Comms Dealer

UK considers law to force ISPs to retain and surrender user records

Computer Weekly
Internet data rules expected to cost taxpayer tens of millions

Financial Times

Government Wants Every Internet User's IP Address Stored for Posterity


Theresa May's speech on counter-terrorism: Politics Live blog


UPDATE3 Government Forces IP Address Matching Upon ISPs – But What is it?


Are Government Internet Data Proposals A Step Towards Snooping?

Misco News

Will new ISP clampdown really help police target terror suspects?


Anti-Terrorism and Security Bill: The industry responds to May’s IP matching plans


The government wants ISPs to keep a record all user IP addresses

ShinyShiny TV

Home Office Set To Introduce New Data Surveillance Plan

TechWeek Europe

UK Government to Seek IP-Based Identification of Users: Reports


U.K. Proposes New Antiterror Measures

Wall Street Journal

Interview: Professor Mike Jackson of Birmingham City University

Broadband speed adverts targeted by watchdog Which?


Calls to reform broadband speeds advertising

Fresh Business Thinking

Campaign for clearer broadband adverts from Which?


ISPA warns against overly restrictive broadband advertising rules


UK ISP Entanet Tells GCHQ – “We are NOT the police or intelligence services”


Shuddit, Obama! Here in Blighty, we ISPs have net neutrality nailed

The Register

Internet Services Providers’ Association fires back at GCHQ director for terrorist comments


ISPA Responds To GCHQ Director

24 News Biz

David Cameron backs spy chief's blast at Facebook and Twitter

Capital Bay

PM backs spy chief’s blast at Facebook and Twitter over the help they give terrorists

Daily Mail

Facebook, Twitter are command and control networks for terrorists: UK intel head


Campaigners: Rural broadband inquiry is a step 'in the right direction'

Tech giants reject GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan's call for deal with government

Daily Telegraph




ISPA: Government has 'failed' to foster debate on privacy

ISPA sets out principles for future surveillance law reform

Telecom Paper

UK ISPs Propose Principles to Limit Government Internet Snooping

ISP Review

Internet service providers must help crack down on fake goods, high court rules


Households in 2014 need 25Mbps broadband or less 

Broadband upload speed average of 2.4Mbps a cause for concern


Industry unmoved by slow broadband upload average of 2.4Mbps


Birmingham a hyper-city as gigabit broadband arrives

Business Quarter

Three UK Fined GBP250K by Ofcom for Customer Complaint Failings

ISP Review



Internet infrastructure 'needs updating or more blackouts will happen'


How the internet is slowing down

Switching broadband is too costly, claims watchdog

BBC News

Broadband cancellation fees reflect actual costs, says ISPA


ISPA calls for calm over broadband switching fears

Improving ADR with ISPA




Guardian named Internet Hero at ISPA Awards

The Guardian

GCHQ named 'internet villain' at award ceremony

The Daily Telegraph

The Guardian And GCHQ Named Internet Heroes And Villains At 2014 ISPA Awards

TechWeek Europe

ISPA names snooping GCHQ its 2014 internet villain

The Inquirer

GCHQ and NSA earn ‘Internet Villain’ gong in UK broadband providers industry bash


ISPA Name the WINNERS of their 2014 UK ISP Internet Industry Awards

ISP Review

GCHQ and NSA named internet villains of 2014

UK's emergency data slurp: IT giants panicked over 'legal uncertainty'

The Register

UK government says web filtering needs work


UK government responds to DCMS study of online regulations

The Inquirer



Tracking Syria fighters now main task for MI5

BBC News

Big companies should not be allowed to make decisions about personal data, say ISPs


ISPA UK Reveal Internet Hero and Villain Shortlist for 2014 Awards

ISP Review

ISPA announces 2014 shortlist for Internet Hero award


Is Public Accounts Committee an Internet Hero?




Illegal file-sharers brace for pleading letters from music and film industries


Zen Internet Shuns Proposal for Voluntary P2P Piracy Warning Letters


Broadband voucher scheme ‘open for business’ in Coventry

Gigaclear and Hyperoptic up for Best Superfast Broadband at 2014 ISPAs

2014 ISPA Awards shortlists announced


Know someone who is an Internet Hero or Internet Villain?


ISPA looking for 2014 Internet Hero and Villain nominees


Hyperoptic, Gigaclear and Plusnet vie for bestest fastest provider in ISPA 2014 Awards


Hyperoptic to launch 1Gb broadband in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds




Snooping powers in turmoil after European court ruling

Daily Telegraph

Euro court's ruling could threaten the fight against terror: Judges say law that allows internet firms to store data about their customers is excessively intrusive

Daily Mail

Spy chiefs warn PM: Internet giants including Google and Facebook are shielding terrorists and paedophiles

Daily Mail

BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Sky quizzed on data retention after landmark EU ruling


Open Rights Group Call on UK ISPs to Clarify Data Retention Policy

ISP Review

Don't forget to vote in the 2014 ISPA Customer Choice Award category

thinkbroadband lists pioneering fibre provider



UK government tackles wrongly-blocked websites

BBC News

Government Tweaks ‘Porn Filters’ To Prevent Over-Blocking

TechWeek Europe

One week left for ISPA 2014 Awards registration