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Broadband bills will have to increase to pay for snooper's charter, MPs are warned


Theresa May's Snooper Tax could make broadband bills skyrocket


Snoopers’ charter will force ISPs to raise broadband prices

Computer Weekly

ISPs: Snooper’s Charter Will Mean Higher Broadband Bills

TechWeek Europe

Snooper's charter 'could push up' broadband prices


Snoopers’ Charter latest: ISPs condemn Draft Investigatory Powers Bill


A government right to hack and a risk to British business' - Technology firms slam Investigatory Powers Bill


Broadband ISPs Warn UK Internet Snooping Law to Push Up Prices

ISP Review

Ex-GCHQ chief: Bulk access to internet comms not same as mass surveillance

The Register

Broadband for all: 10Mbps speeds to become a legal right but government plan lacks details


Theresa May proposes bulk data and internet tracking under the Investigatory Powers Bill

Computer Weekly

ISPs say the “massive cost” of Snooper’s Charter will push up UK broadband bills

Ars Technica

“Snooper’s charter” will force up broadband bills, providers warn

Broadband Choices

Investigatory Powers Bill: everything you need to know


Snooper's Charter puts data at risk even with encryption

IT Pro

Investigatory Powers Bill: A Snooper's Charter in all but name alone


UK govt sneaks citizen database aka 'request filters' into proposed internet super-spy law

The Register

UK Gov Publish New ISP Internet Snooping Investigatory Powers Bill

ISP Review

The UK Wants to Store Every Citizen's Browsing Data. I Tried Collecting My Own


Theresa May proposes bulk data and internet tracking under the Investigatory Powers Bill

Cyber Sparse

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill – the key points and link to the full text

Liberal Democrat Voice

ISPA responds to Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

Comms Dealer

Theresa Might proposes bulk knowledge and web monitoring beneath the Investigatory Powers Invoice

Amazon News

ISPA, ORG respond to draft Investigatory Powers Bill


ISPA welcomes UK govt broadband USO commitment


UK Broadband Consumers Face Double Whammy As ISPs Warn Cost Of Government Snooping Will Be Passed On To Them

Tech Times

Britons' Internet access bills will soar to pay for Snoopers Charter

Boing Boing



Adverts mask real broadband costs, says Citizens Advice

BBC News

Broadband 'levy' for super-fast net

BBC News

UK Gov Moots TAX on Broadband ISPs to Fix Internet Slowspots

ISP Review

Superfast levy could mean bigger broadband bills

Broadband Choices

Theresa May named internet villain of the year

The Guardian

Theresa May is 'villain of the year' for Snoopers' Charter, says internet industry

The Independent

U.K. Politician Theresa May Voted 'Internet Villain of the Year'


Home Secretary Theresa May named internet villain of the year


Theresa May is 2015 Internet Villain of the year


ISPA Names Theresa May ‘Internet Villain Of The Year’ Over Surveillance Fears

TechWeek Europe

And the award for internet villain of the year 2015 goes to…

ITPro Portal

Home Secretary named Internet Villain of 2015

Computer Business Review

ISPA Reveal Winners from the 2015 UK ISP Internet Industry Awards

ISP Review

Theresa May is an internet villain


Hyperoptic named 'best superfast broadband' at ISPA awards

ISPA names Theresa May as villain of the year for snooper's charter push

The Drum

UK home secretary named "internet villain" for surveillance powers push


Can you guess which UK politician was named ‘internet villain of the year’?

Trusted Reviews

Home Secretary Theresa May named Internet Villain of the year

Digital Spy

Theresa May handed ISPA Internet Villain of the Year gong


ETSI ramps up cybersecurity standards push

UK Home Secretary named Internet Villain at the 2015 ISPA awards

Techie News

ISPA Awards 2015: Theresa May 'Crowned' Internet Villain of the Year for Snooper's Charter


Theresa May wins ‘Internet villain of the year’

Net Imperative


Mil Tech

Home Secretary Theresa May Named UK's ‘Internet Villain of the Year'

Sputnik News

ISPA in Britain Picks Home Secretary Theresa May for Web's Number 1 Villain Award

Biztek Mojo

ISPA UK Doubts EU Can Deliver Digital Single Market Policy On Time

ISP Review