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'Snoopers law creates security nightmare'

BBC News

GCHQ wants internet providers to rewrite systems to block hackers 

Daily Telegraph

Investigatory Powers and Digital Economy Bills could threaten economy

SC Magazine

Lib Dems to oppose porn checks in Blighty's Digital Economy Bill

The Register

'Snoopers' charter' petition hits signatures target

BBC News

'Snoopers' charter' petition gains over 100,000 signatures


UK Parliament waves through 'porn-blocking' Digital Economy Bill

The Register

Digital Economy Bill: Controversial porn-blocking bill passed by House of Commons


UK petition calls for repeal of bulk surveillance law


Small ISPs 'probably' won't receive data retention order following IP Bill

The Register

UK ISPs may be forced to block porn sites that snub age checks, sex acts face ban

Ars Technica

Internet industry supports new cyber security strategy


Sweeping UK spy bill dubbed 'snoopers' charter' becomes law

Daily Mail

Insecure, ineffective and dangerous: The reality of the UK's new porn bill

Tech firms seek to frustrate internet history log law

BBC News

Porn sites could be blocked by ISPs under new UK rules

BBC News

Clearer broadband speed advertising 'good for consumers', says Citizens Advice


Brit broadband consumers utterly perplexed by ISP “up to” speed claims

Ars technica

UK broadband speed ad rules to be revamped

BBC News

Watchdog calls for shake-up of 'misleading' broadband speed claims

Advertising Watchdog Seeks Clearer ISP Promotions of Broadband Speed

ISP Review

Calls to end 'misleading' speed claims on broadband adverts

Sky News

Advertising Standards: Broadband Speed Guidance ‘Not Working’

TechWeek Europe

Calls to end 'misleading' speed claims on broadband adverts

Yahoo News

What does Trump mean for telecoms?

Global Telecoms Business

GCHQ encourages ISPs to rewrite their software to stop DDoS attacks


GCHQ thinks ISPs can solve DDoS by taking a good look at themselves


ISPA responds to new rules on broadband advertising


Theresa May just received a very nasty surprise, and it’s brilliant news for the British public

The Canary

IP bill may not be enforced on small ISPs


Tech companies look to capitalise on new UK surveillance bill

Computer Business Review

ISPs not happy with 'Snooper's Charter 2.0'


Media finally cottons on to how VPNs can help users evade UKs new online data retention law

VPN Compare

U.K. Bill Requiring Firms To Store Web Histories Becomes Law

 Sci-Tech Today

Britain's internet history law: A new frontier of surveillance?

Christian Science Monitor

U.K. Bill Requiring Firms To Store Web Histories Becomes Law

CIO today

UK law allows govt to track users' internet use

Stuff (NZ edition)


Quick poll: The Internet Villain of the Year 2015 is prime minister... so what happens next?


Private data should only be kept for ‘serious crime’, says European Court

Computer Weekly

Matt Hancock is the UK's new digital minister, but what should his first priority be?

Ofcom plans to make it easier to switch between BT, Virgin and Sky

Cross-Party UK Inquiry Finds Failing BT Must Invest More into Broadband

ISP Review

EU Court Adviser Says UK Internet Spying Law Needs “Strict” Safeguards

ISP Review

UK Crime Agency Seeks Whatever Intel It Can Get From Internet Service Providers


ISPA calls for clear internet policy from new govt

Telecom Paper

UK Gov Appoint Karen Bradley to Oversee Media and Broadband

ISP Review

Relish and Hyperoptic win ISPA awards


Privacy and Apple are the big winners at ISPA heroes and villains awards

The Inquirer

Donald Trump not an Internet villain, but Apple is a hero…

Ars Technica

Apple named Internet Hero at 2016 ISPA Awards

ISPA 2016 Award winners announced: Apple take Internet Hero


ISPA Awards reveal best broadband and worst internet villain

Broadband Choices

ISPA UK Unveils the Winners of their 2016 ISP Internet Industry Awards

ISP Review

UK Internet Service Providers Association gives Apple its annual ‘Hero’ award

Apple World

ISPA announces internet industry award winners


ISPA names Apple ‘Internet Hero’ of 2016

Mac Daily News

Hyperoptic keeps “Best Superfast Broadband” crown at ISPA awards


ISPA Internet Services Providers' Association : Government needs to set out vision for tech and Internet policy – UK Internet industry

4 Traders


'BT remains a monopoly provider' - telecoms industry reacts to Ofcom report

BT escapes forced break-up but faces tougher regulation

Comms Dealer

Ofcom announces Openreach review but keeps full separation in pocket for now


Ofcom Confirm NO Openreach Split from BT, But Change is Coming

ISP Review

Broadband Is More Popular Topic In This Parliament As BDUK Reaches 3.6m Premises

Tech Week Europe

75% rise in political references to broadband

Comms Dealer

Political interest in broadband surges


ISPA: MPs are talking more about broadband, but there's still lots to do

ISPA Discovers the Obvious – UK Politicians Debate Broadband a Lot

ISP Review

UK government launches consultation for porn age-verification plan

The Guardian

Tough to find solution on children accessing porn

ITV News

Tory government’s war on porn: Age verification proposed for all smut sites

Ars Technica

UK government to stop teenagers looking at porn: What is the porn ban, and how does it affect you?

PC Advisor

UK govt consults on porn age verification proposals


Lawmakers say UK's draft online spying law needs changes

Daily Mail (also syndicated by YahooWashington PostNew York Times and ABC News)

Snoopers’ Charter: UK ISPs wearily greet “on right track” committee report

Ars Technica

Joint Committee criticises Investigatory Powers Bill

Telecom Paper

Concerns remain over Investigatory Powers Bill

SC Magazine

MPs Slam Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

TechWeek Europe

`Snooper's Charter' Would Make Brits Most Spied-Upon People


Joint Committee Scalds UK Government’s ISP Internet Spying Bill

ISP Review

UK spying law would undermine tech industry, MPs warn


Snoopers' Charter: MPs slam government for vague plans that could damage UK economy


Planned surveillance bill could damage UK tech sector, warn MPs

New Scientist

Science and Tech Committee Warns of UK Internet Snooping Bill Costs

ISP Review

Draft Investigatory Powers Bill will undermine the competitiveness of the UK tech sector

Cloud Computing Intelligence

Committee criticises Draft Investigatory Powers Bill


Snoopers' Charter 'puts UK tech firms at risk'

Contractor UK

EEF Claims UK Manufacturers are Overpaying for Broadband Connectivity

ISP Review