18 NOVEMBER, 4.30pm - 5.30pm

We are just a few short weeks away from the 22nd annual ISPA Awards online ceremony that will take place on Wednesday 18th November from 4.30pm, and here is why you should book your complimentary seat today:

  • You will laugh: Hal Cruttenden, one of the top comedian in the UK, will be your host

  • You will drink: Mocktail or cocktail, our masterclass will get you in the party mood!

  • You will get suspense: There are 13 awards categories so be ready for an evening of excitement!

  • You will sing and dance on your chair: Enjoy live music from Charlotte Lansman!

All attendees must book their own ticket to receive a unique code to log in on the platform where the awards will be shown.

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ISPA continues work on boosting gigabit broadband take-up

This month, ISPA has continued its work as part of the Government backed Gigabit Take-up Advisory Group (GigaTAG) run by Which?. The group remains in an information gathering phase, and ISPA has formally responded to the call for inputs alongside its work directly with the Group. Initial findings and recommendations are expected before Christmas.

Liability sub-group prepare for Online Harms legislation

The Liability subgroup met to discuss the upcoming online harms legislation expected this Autumn. ISPA provided the group with an overview of the growing parliamentary interest in online safety and updated members on ongoing talks with DCMS on filtering and blocking. In November ISPA will meet with DCMS to discuss this matter further.

Invitation to Whalebone webinars for internet providers

After participating in the ISPA ISP Business Summit Series last month, Whalebone would like to introduce you to their regular thematic webinars. The next one is 'On-premise DNS, DNS security, DNS traffic analytics and content filtering' and taking place on 12th November at 1.30pm. To book your ticket, please register here.

Find more information and other events here.

ISPA Partners for 2020

Disaggregated Routers for Internet Peering

Webinar 8 in the It's Open Networking Webinar Series from EPS Global
Wed 11th November 2020 4pm GMT
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Why does disaggregated routing make sense for internet peering? As you’re aware, Internet peering is a critical component of every telecom network, connecting its users with the wider world and providing access to global content for all customers on the network. Having reliable hardware, powered by a robust and scalable Operating System such as ExaNOS from Exaware is key to ensuring a fully functional internet peering system with the capability to hold traffic at scale.

While incumbent network equipment manufacturers insist on you purchasing high-end, expensive routers for peering, the transition to disaggregation offers you a cost-effective alternative, allowing for the use of entry level white box routers. This enables fixed and mobile telecom Service Providers to build massively scalable infrastructures to support growing traffic demands, while keeping costs predictable and under control.

This webinar will demonstrate:

  • The benefits of disaggregated networks
  • Exaware solution portfolio (Cell site gateway, peering, aggregation, core in the future)
  • Peering with Exaware
    •   Peering configurations
    •   Requirements for a reliable and scalable peering
    •   Benefits of peering with Exaware
    •   Use Cases
  • DDoS mitigation at the peering point
    •   DDoS trends and business impact
    •   Benefits of DDoS mitigation at peering
  • Live Q & A

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Our speakers are Barry McGinley, Pre-Sales Engineer [EPS Global], Ben Afshari, VP Sales & Business Development; David Zelig, CTO [both from Exaware] joining us from Dublin and Israel.

We hope you can join us.

FIBRAIN systematically expands its product portfolio. The comfort and ease of installation is always a priority for us when designing new products & solutions. This time we have released FIBRAIN HD.

From now on, the maximum density is 192 fiber optic connections or 48 of RJ45 ports in 1U! Our new FIBRAIN hybrid system will simplify and speed up the entire installation. Now you can choose and adapt the configuration to your own needs. It has never been so easy!

More information regarding FIBRAIN new HD system you can easily find at
If you have any further questions, please contact at

Netgem this month has launched and deployed “Super WiFi” which is an “as a Service” WiFi Mesh offering for telecom operators, promising the simplest user experience out there for consumers, designed for ISP’s mass-market audience and leveraging Netgem’s strength in terms of Telco-friendly tools, operating and commercial model.

Discover more about the only WiFi Mesh as a Service in the market, directly from Sylvain Thevenot, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer for Netgem here.


Podium Success for Openreach: Unveiled as one of the UK’s Top ‘Superbrands’ 

Openreach, the UK’s digital network business, is celebrating after being named one of the UK’s top ‘Superbrands’ - an accolade granted by The Academy of Chief Marketers and Superbrands UK as part of its annual Superbrands survey.

The Superbrands survey celebrates brands that have established an expectational reputation in its field and are the best examples of brands leading the way in the UK.

Unlike many industry awards, brands can’t pay or apply to be considered. Instead, two separate judging panels are tasked with reducing a list of 3,200 brands to a shortlist of the strongest 1,600 across 64 categories. Brands are marked on the quality and reliability of their products or services and their distinction (being well-known and suitably different to their competitors). From this shortlist, the most highly regarded brands in each category are awarded ‘Superbrands’ status.

Openreach is a wholly owned but legally separate entity from the BT Group with its own independent board. In 2018, as part of a series of commitments to the UK communications regulator, Ofcom, Openreach set out to bring a new independent brand and remove all references to BT from its identity within three years. Having successfully completed this process one year ahead of schedule, the brand continues to go from strength to strength and has an exciting future where it will look to work more closely with all Communication provider partners to support on their marketing and communications.

Damon Segal, Co-founder of The Academy of Chief Marketers and CEO of Superbrands UK, commented: “We are delighted that Openreach has achieved Superbrands status this year. Openreach has established the finest reputation in its field based on quality, reliability, and distinction. It has been recognised by consumers to offer significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors.”

Welcoming the news, Scott Room, Director of Brand and Digital at Openreach, said: “The Superbrands survey has been highlighting the best brands in the UK for over 25 years and it’s a fantastic achievement for our new brand to have been recognised alongside long-established ones including previous recipients such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix and Nike.

“When we launched the Openreach brand, it was a fresh slate. We transformed the brand, from the way we talk, to the way we act, and this allowed us to build relationships with all our customers equally. We’ve since rolled out an extensive transformation programme, rebranding everything including more than 40 offices, nearly 28,000 vans and all of our communications channels, but most importantly we’ve begun to embed a new culture. This has helped make Openreach one of the best places to work, something we’re immensely proud of and has helped us to earn a spot on the ‘Sunday Times Best 25 Big Companies’ in the UK in 2020.

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The cybersecurity and technology landscapes have never changed so fast — and without warning — as they did in 2020. Join SonicWall as we look toward 2021 and take on new challenges and opportunities to better protect, connect and secure our customers.

To unify us in this mission, SonicWall introduces Boundless 2020, a worldwide virtual event connecting SonicWall new and existing partners with our elite innovators, experts, leaders and special guests. And it all happens Nov. 17–19.

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ISPA offers its members a variety of discounts for events that we partner with. Many events were rescheduled in the past month. Please find the new dates below.

Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester - 4th and 5th November
Smart Home Expo - 9th and 10th November
Call & Contact Centre Virtual - 10th and 11th November
White Label World Expo - 22nd and 23rd February
AI & ASI Expo London 2020: Plan Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Superintelligence Roadmaps for Economic Sectors’ Success  - 10th March 2021

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