Openreach, Sky, Virgin & Ofcom to speak at the 20th Anniversary ISPA Conference

The ISPA Conference is almost two weeks away, with 5 panels and two keynotes looking at the future of the communications sector. The Conference comes at a pivotal time for industry, with new legislation on investigatory powers, a strategic review into the future regulatory strategy and superfast broadband becoming seen as an essential.  Panels will be looking at the future:

  • Trends for business communications Sponsored by Venus
  • Investigatory Powers Sponsored by Yaana
  • Environment to increase investment
  • Technologies:  Future ISP technology Sponsored by Arista
  • Technologies: What will the technology enable?


When: 09:30-17:30, Wednesday 18th November Where: BT Tower, W1, London Agenda and speaker list: Here Tickets (available here) are £95 for members (£195 for non-members) and include lunch at the top of the iconic tower and networking drinks.


Encryption considered ‘vital’ at ISPA event in parliament

ISPA ran a session titled The Politics of Encryption at the 10th annual Parliament & Internet Conference. The panel had speakers from media, law enforcement, industry and academia describe how important encryption was to the digital economy, with much of the debate focusing on how to balance national security, cyber security and privacy. You can see tweets from the event @ISPAUK or by using the hashtag #Internet15. We’d like to extend our thanks to the speakers for their participation.


Surveillance checklist for MPs published

Ahead of the publication of the Investigatory Powers Bill, ISPA published a checklist for parliamentarians to help inform the policy-making process. The checklist sets out ISPA’s key tests that the Bill needs to meet to ensure an effective outcome. This includes proper consultation, compliance with existing laws and court judgments, the need for oversight and transparency and give full consideration to impact on business.


ISPA helping inform the debate in parliament on broadband

ISPA has been meeting with MPs from across the UK to discuss local broadband issues. This campaign is to provide information on the breadth of the market, technologies used, how industry can help MPs understand and tackle some of the issues affecting their constituents and putting our members in touch with local MPs.


ISPA hails massive investment in infrastructure in response to Ofcom Digital Communications Review

ISPA formally responded to the Ofcom Digital Communications Review and the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee inquiry into world class connectivity. In both responses ISPA stated:

  • ISPs were the backbone of the digital economy, enabling growth and the adoption of online services
  • ISPA member's investments delivered faster speeds and lower prices for consumers
  • Regulators and policy markers need to make sure the right conditions investments are in place to promote investment
  • Targeted public funding was required to help connect the final 5% of premises, where commercial rollout is unviable
  • Any Universal Service obligation needed to be based on user experience, not speeds that become redundant quickly

Please go here and here to read our responses to these inquiries.


Venus Hosts Event at Palace of Westminster to Discuss Future of Connectivity and the Need to Transform London into a Gigabit City


Venus Business Communications’ attracted businesses to the Palace of Westminster to hear a range of speakers including entrepreneur Alex Proud discuss ‘Gigabit Cities’. Issues discussed included trialling fibre to the basement and the need for competition and choice in the broadband market. Improving the speed and quality of infrastructure installation led to suggestions regarding introducing universal service obligations and standard wayleave agreements. Venus highlighted the importance of fibre as backhaul technology to support wireless, stressing the need for reliable service given businesses’ increasing dependence on broadband.  In addition, Alex Proud discussed the savings made by his company through resource efficiencies using Venus’ fibre 100 mbit connection service. These included: significantly reduced phone bills; the move to cloud to reduce computing costs; the ability to stream CCTV HD to the police and effectively engaging his 100 plus team through video conferencing and file sharing.


Survey for ISPs on online grooming

ISPA member the University of Surrey would like ISPs in the UK to complete a survey as part of their research into online grooming. Recently, the likes of Keith Bristow (Director General at NCA), Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and John Hayes MP have variously addressed the importance of collaboration between Authorities and ISPs, and the challenge to assure safety of children online.  The University of Surrey’s Centre for Cyber Security is working on a project related to detecting and preventing online grooming and understanding implementation. They are seeking views from interested parties a survey designed to capture the state of preparedness, and understand perceptions over cost. ISPA will share the results with members.


ISPA in the press

The Investigatory Powers Bill, encryption event, net neutrality, broadband switching and extremism saw ISPA feature in the press, with coverage in The Guardian, The Register (here too), and ISP Review. Full coverage is here.


Clannet and VIA join ISPA

ISPA would like to welcome Clannet, a Yorkshire based WISP and VoIP provider VIA to the association.


Deals for members

ISPA members get a range of discounts and deals at external events and conferences. A list of upcoming events is here.