Liability Subgroup

The Content, Safety & Liability Subgroup brings members together to share the latest updates and discuss and agree positions related to online harms. A long-standing priority area for ISPA, our recent activity includes developing an ISP position in the online harm debate, work around the impact of DNS-over-HTTPS on ISPs, proportionate implementation of policies like age verification and working with organisations like the Internet Watch Foundation.


Recent consultation and policy submissions can be found below.

Online Harms


  • Overview of Government consultation response

Online Harms and internet regulation



Age Verification


Investigatory Powers


  • Response to Home Office Consultation on Investigatory Powers Act amendments ISPA response 


  • Response to the draft Investigatory Powers Act Technical Capability Notices consultation ISPA Response 


  • Response to the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill Committee ISPA Response 
  • Investigatory Powers Checklist 
  • Response to the Anderson Review of Communications Data and Interception Powers ISPA Response