Weekly Update Call

We will continue to provide updates to members in a regular call at 2pm on Wednesdays throughout April. These are recorded and can be accessed by members on the COVID-19 Hub page on the website. The most recent call updated membership on:

  • Steps taken by Government to help ensure the welfare and safety of engineers, particularly in light of increased misinformation around 5G;
  • ISPA’s plans for upcoming comms campaigns around key workers; and
  • B2B support including outlining arguments to Government around the complexity of the supply chain using data from the Survey opened last week.

If you have any questions on this, or comments to be fed back to Government please email

Online Safety

DCMS Committee call on social media companies to be accountable for false information

In an effort to counter disinformation about coronavirus, Julian Knight, Chair of the DCMS Committee, has “called on the Government to work with social media companies to stamp out deliberate attempts to spread fear about Covid-19".  The inquiry launched by the DCMS sub-committee' on Online Harms and Disinformation is currently accepting evidence and closes on 20th April. In a separate letter to Dame Melainie, Chief Executive of Ofcom, he also expressed concern over reports that Chinese state-backed organisations have contributed to the spread of false narratives. The letter asked several questions on the steps Ofcom was taking to tackling misinformation about coronavirus including a question on decisions to sanction broadcasters or remove their licences.


Ofcom’s research into coronavirus misinformation

Ofcom have revealed that almost half of online adults viewed false or misleading information about coronavirus in the last week leading to greater confusion over what advice is true or false. This includes claims that drinking more water can remove the infection, which was seen by 35% of online adults. To help people access credible news and information, Ofcom has created a page providing factchecking aids, information from official sources, support for parents and children and a summary of actions undertaken by online platforms.

Consultation extension: Promoting competition and investment in fibre networks – BT Regulatory Financial Reporting

Ofcom have extended the deadline for the consultation on Promoting competition and investment in fibre networks to the 24th April.


DOH workshop

ISPA held a workshop last week which highlighted that DoH is emerging as the favoured choice for browser companies. The call discussed the implications of this which concluded that UK ISPs should begin preparations to prevent negative impacts on customer service, cyber security and service quality.

Should you wish to engage further with the conversation around DoH, please get in touch with