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Good to hear @Ofcom set out its approach to regulating to prevent #OnlineHarms - namely that it will be an evolutionary, evidence-based approach. We’d suggest a good starting point is knowing, independently, confidently and proportionality which users are adults and which are not

Political Monitor

Political Monitor 22/11/2019

Labour Party Manifesto Labour’s manifesto launch made a promise for ‘real change’ and tried to reframe the election away from Brexit and towards social issues …

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Political Monitor 08/11/2019

Broadband & Connectivity Parliamentary questions on Broadband provision to new builds Digital Minister, Matt Warman MP, was asked a number of questions regarding broadband provision …

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Political Monitor 01/11/2019

Broadband & Connectivity DCMS Designate Statement of Strategic Priorities to Ofcom DCMS Secretary Nicky Morgan has laid the Government’s Statement of Strategic Priorities (SSP) to …

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Political Monitor 25/10/2019

Broadband & Connectivity Government announce £500m of funding for mobile not spots DCMS have announced that they are “closing in on a deal” which will …

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Political Monitor 18/10/2019

Broadband Queens’ Speech: Bills on wayleaves & new builds and funding increase The Government used this week’s Queen’s Speech to introduce its legislative agenda, including …

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Political Monitor 11/10/2019

Broadband Government respond to consultation on wayleaves The Government have published their response to the consultation on wayleaves – Ensuring tenants’ access to gigabit-capable connections …

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Political Monitor 04/10/2019

Broadband Government indicates increased broadband investment Speaking at the Conservative party conference, Sajid Javid, the Chancellor, pledged that the Government would provide £5bn to support …

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Political Monitor 27/09/2019

Ofcom Broadband pricing review Ofcom set out the results of their review into broadband pricing, which found that  people who sign a new deal with …

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Political Monitor 20/09/2019

Broadband Connected Nations quarterly update Ofcom have published their latest update to the annual Connected Nations report with data updated to May 2019. This has …

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Political Monitor 13/09/2019

Online Safety Government response to DCMS Committee’s report on Online Harms White Paper The Government’s response to the DCMS Committee’s report on the Online Harms …

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